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Friday Night Mermaid Adventures RPG One-Shot

As mentioned yesterday late afternoon, the Friday night gaming group came out last night.

To be honest, I wasn't sure what the group was going to play, given what they had said to me earlier in the week (see this post for more info on what went down). When the players arrived around 7:10 pm, we chatted about what to do for the evening, but the group said that they really didn't want to do a board game at all.

I told the players that I wouldn't mind running a one-shot roleplaying game of some sort, but I wanted something light and breezy that had some humour to it. And then I suggested that we play a game of Mermaid Adventures! I explained the basic premise of the game, and they all thought it was a good idea. So we proceeded to character creation.

KathyB - Kathy liked the idea of playing an octofolk person, and created Sneaker. Guess how she sneaks around? :)

Angela - She liked the idea of playing an eelfolk character, and created Shocker. They tend to be peaceful for the most part, fighting when they must, and it was easy enough to give her the ability to deliver a minor...jolt.

Ellie - Ellie wanted to play a Sharkfolk character, but the others vetoed that, so she settled for Lightwater, a Seahorsefolk character with good speed.

Mark - He kept things simple, and went with Yellowfin, a Fishfolk character with an angelfish-like turn of character.

Peter - He went with one of the Rayfolk characters, taking the name Blacktail-with-Spots (a nice twist, and making him distinctive).

Once the players had their characters, I went through the basic rules (which really are easy to work with), showed them the dice mechanics, and then we started the game.

I started with a basic premise. A new discovery was about to be made on the sea bottom, "a shiny, metal egg" that the player characters and a friend of theirs, Hally (a tuna! of all things), found while out on a day's playful wanderings. Needless to say, they wanted to take the "egg" home with them and show it off, perhaps give it to their domain's ruler, but they first had to figure out how to lift it up and carry it! And of course, there was an evil Sea Witch, Hagga, who wanted the "egg" for her own purposes, and sent her Bandit fish to take it from the player characters.

Suffice it to say, the players had a lot of fun playing Mermaid Adventures, and rather enjoyed the sheer undersea fun of the game. While it was a one-shot, they told me that they wouldn't mind playing another session like this from time to time.

Oh, and the "shiny, metal egg"? It was a small Fabergé egg that had been lost at sea from one of those land dweller ocean-going vessels! :)
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