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Friday Evening Game Report - Mermaid Adventures RPG, Session 2

Last night, the Friday evening gaming group came out for their regularly scheduled game session. The group has decided to play a few more session of the Mermaid Adventures Roleplaying Game, so I've decided to call this "Session 2" in the blog write-up of the game. You can read more about the first session the players played, including character creation, by following the link to that first post of play.
Once the Friday night players arrived for the evening session, around 7:00pm, we sat around for 10 or 15 minutes or so and just talked about life, the week that was, and a few other things while I got ready to run the session. Then gaming began.

Sneaker (KathyB) - Octofolk character, likes ink :)
Shocker (Angela) - Eelfolk character, a bit temperamental
Lightwater (Ellie) - Seahorsefolk character, speedy
Yellowfin (Mark) - Fishfolk character, angel fish-like, smart
Blacktail-with-Spot (Peter) - Rayfolk character, distinctive

The player characters all started in or near their home community, Alaris, going about everyday activities, even if that included play, until they heard that someone was missing. Sneaker snuck into a meeting of the Alaris Council (against the wishes of the others) discussing what to do, and learned that it was a friend of theirs, Bluespine (an urchin), who was missing. After telling the others about this, they decided to go after Bluespine, since the Council was notorious for making any decision about the welfare of the community members. They asked around in the town, among Bluespine's friends and anyone else who might know something, and came up with a lead - he was known of late to frequent a gambling establishment called the Blue Cone.

Through a series of misadventures getting into the Blue Cone and then inside the establishment itself, the player characters managed to get some more information. Bluespine had been dealing with some unreputable individuals, including a Shark called Bluntnose. Yellowfin learned, at great risk, that several other frequenters of the Blue Cone had been "taken" for reasons that were not clear, but was saved by Shocker and her unique ability. :) All they learned after that was that Bluntnose had a safe place somewhere in Deadman's Reef.

Once they left the Blue Cone, they rested for the night and in the morning, tried to learn more about Deadman's Reef, though Lightwater had already heard some nightmare-inducing stories about the place. No one they spoke to would talk to them about the place, though one of their friends, Albie, suggested they talk to Weird Wanda, an old Mantafolk, who had supposedly had "experiences" there when she was young. They tracked her down, and Weird Wanda lived up to her name. After talking in riddles and enigmas, Wanda finally told them where Deadman's Reef was, and that it had strange protections and creatures that would give young fishfolk nightmares.

The players immediately set off for Deadman's Reef, but when they emerged from Wanda's home, they found themselves fin-to-jaws with three Sharkfolk! "If you try to go to Deadman's Reef," one of them said, smiling, "I'm afraid you'll have to go through us first!" And the Sharfolk advanced on them...

This session of Mermaid Adventures went swimmingly well (no pun intended) and had a pretty simple plot that the players wanted to get into right away. The players did a good job getting into character at the beginning of the session, and then took a turn for the dire with the disappearance of Bluespine. The players had a good time this session with the rules lite game and with the almost fluff-filled (for lack of a better term) game setting, and were shocked and really happy about the cliffhanger ending.

Anyway, a fun night of light, semi-humourous roleplaying. Looking forward to the next session of the game.
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