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The Best Laid Plans...

...Well, you know the rest of that line, right?

While I was supposed to run the Universe SF RPG on the Friday night gang last night, that plan got slightly derailed as I ended up needing to playtest the rough draft of the Desolation post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg that I'm going to be running at CanGames this year. Without going into too much detail on what happened, the game went rather well, if by "well" one means that nothing went exactly as planned, and the player characters completely derailed the entire plot at one point. C'est la vie, n'est pas? *sigh*

After gaming for the night, the gang and I sat back to watch another late night film noir. The movie of choice last night was Pushover, a very good film from 1954 starring Fred MacMurray and Kim Novak (in her first screen performance). This was an excellent film, but I have to say that while I haven't seen Double Indemnity in a few years, it struck me as very similar to that film (intentionally so, I believe) in a lot of ways. I actually think that I prefer Pushover to Double Indemnity even though the former doesn't have Barbara Stanwyck in it, simply because the older Fred MacMurray (the movies were made ten years apart) was much more appealing and he was a more mature actor at this time and it showed. Furthermore, one can see why the studio felt that Kim Novak would be a star, as she was just smouldering in the film. The Friday night gamers enjoyed the movie as well, not seeing the ending coming at all, and they loved some of the performances by the supporting cast as well.

Hmm, makes me wonder if I can do some noir stuff in the Mutant City Blues rpg that has just come out... :)
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