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Bought A New Computer

Yesterday was a somewhat hectic day, but I think it was worth taking a chance on my health and aggravating my back even more than it is right now.

My sister, Diana, is in Ottawa visiting (primarly to see my mom), and she agreed yesterday to take me out to the west part of Ottawa and the Best Buy Canada out on Merivale Dr. to purchase a new computer. My old iMac from 2006 is giving up the ghost, so...

I put a limit of about $1,000 on the computer purchase, and managed to find a decent new Dell Inspiron that was on sale for almost $800 less than the regular retail price, and snagged that. It has a wireless mouse and keyboard, and you can see the photo I took in the store of the machine.

I had considered going with a laptop for a bit, but to be honest, the prices on them were a bit unreasonable (I felt) and when I saw the Dell Inspiron, it was love at first sight. I have always liked Dell machines (had a few in my past), and have trusted their reliability and service (though I'll be getting the latter from the Geek Squad), so I think it was a good deal. While it does come with a built-in webcam, the desktop doesn't have a CD/DVD drive, so I bought one of those and an external back-up drive as well and still managed to keep the purchase reasonable.

While I've got the CD/DVD drive and the external hard drive here at the house, the Best Buy Geek Squad will be out on lucky Friday, December 13th to do the installation and set-up of the machine for me. There was no way for me to carry the machine at all, given the status of my lower back and legs/feet, so this was the easiest way and I got a good deal on the installation and set-up.

Anyway, looking forward to my new computer. :)

That said, for various reasons, I'm terrified of Windows machines. Haven't used one in a very, very, very long time. My worries were made evident in my nightmares last night, consisting of dreams of shattering window panes slicing me to ribbons. Not pleasant.

Ah, well, just looking forward to the new computer...
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