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Friday Evening Game Report - Mermaid Adventures RPG, Session 3

Last night, the Friday evening gaming group came out for their regularly scheduled game session. This was the first gaming session with the group since October 26th or so, so it has been a while. The Friday night gamers continued to play their sort of campaign of the Mermaid Adventures Roleplaying Game. You can read about the previous session from October by following the link. This post isn't all that long, but I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.

Once the Friday night players arrived for the evening session, around 7:00pm, we sat around for 10 or 15 minutes or so and just talked about life, the week that was, and a few other things while I got ready to run the session. Then gaming began.

Sneaker (KathyB) - Octofolk character, likes ink :)
Shocker (Angela) - Eelfolk character, a bit temperamental
Lightwater (Ellie) - Seahorsefolk character, speedy
Yellowfin (Mark) - Fishfolk character, angel fish-like, smart
Blacktail-with-Spot (Peter) - Rayfolk character, distinctive

Outside Weird Wanda's place, the player characters confronted the three Sharkfolk, who warned them off searching for Deadman's Reef, and then moved in on them. Before the Sharkfolk could attack them, Yellowfin spoke to the three thugs, and told them it didn't have to come to this, that they weren't planning to go to Deadman's Reef, "since that wouldn't be a smart thing, and I'm pretty smart." Shocker, Lightwater and Blacktail totally agreed, and the characters were convincing enough that the Sharkfolk, through their leader, Gravis, allowed them to pass, telling them they'd keep an eye on the "fish". As they left Wanda's place, they saw that the Sharkfolk were having a talk with Wanda, and Yellowfin worried that they'd take out the player characters' "indiscretion" on her.

Rethinking their plans a bit, the player characters decided to return to Alaris, gather up what they'd need for their trip into the Dark Lands, but also be more circumspect about it. That night, the five merfolk departed Alaris in secrecy, using both stealth and Sneaker's natural abilities to make sure they weren't seen leaving. She also used one of her spells to enhance the darkness she enveloped them in using her natural inking abilities.

Some time later, the merfolk characters approached the border of the Dark Lands, and were pretty sure they hadn't been spotted or followed. Cautiously crossing over the unspoken line, the merfolk characters kept an eye out, notably Shocker, Lightwater and Blacktail. They made their way through the Dark Lands, concealing themselves a few times from what they thought might be others, and once hiding in a small cave from what Lightwater called a "dragon". Eventually, they came upon a dimly lit region that got brighter and brighter as they moved closer, and arrived at Deadman's Reef, which turned out to be a dead and dying coral reef that was reinforced with living tissue from what Yellowfin horrifically called "lightfish." They could see the reef was littered with detritus and other items from the surface world (much of it from Humans), and realized this part of the reef had been hollowed out and used as a lair by someone, though they didn't think it was Bluntnose. However, with no other leads, the merfolk characters decided to risk getting into Deadman's Reef and seeing what they could learn.

They decided to take the straightforward approach to getting inside, and approached as any of the other folks in the area would. After paying an entry fee, a small trinket, the merfolk player characters entered Deadman's Reef. They saw several people they recognized, and who recognized them, and learned that Bluntnose did indeed frequent the place, but that he had another, more "guarded" place called The Cavern some 1/2 mile further into the Dark Lands. The player characters had a few encounters in Dead Man's Reef, some scary [a clownfish with a demented sense of humour; a pair of bandit fish looking for a few easy marks (Shocker proved them wrong)] and some humourous [a pair of angelfish that performed some very unique tricks, much to Yellowfin's embarrassment; a relative of Shocker's who gave the other player characters some insights into their friend's childhood]. Eventually they made their way out of Deadman's Reef, and headed in the direction of The Cavern.

Reaching a small set of vegtation, gently moving with the current, the merfolk characters were horrified when Blacktail drew the attention of the others to what appeared to be two dead figures trapped in the vegetation and swaying with the ebb and flow of the current...

This session of Mermaid Adventures went swimmingly well (once more, no pun intended) and had a pretty simple angle that drove the plot and the mermaid characters forward. The players did a good job getting into character at the beginning of the session, given how long it had been since the Friday night group had gamed, and did a great job dealing with the stuff that I threw at them as the Game Guide. Kathy commented that Deadman's Reef wasn't as bad as she expected it to be, though she said it was good her character had the "stealth abilities" 'cause she could always have left the others to deal with stuff, sneaking off. Ellie was amused at that. Mark had a good time playing the smart Yellowfin, though it was fun to see him out of his depth at times. The players told me they had a good time with the session of the game, aided by the simplicity of the rules and the basic math to be done, and enjoyed some of the "fluffy" scenes during the session.

Anyway, a fun night of light, not quite semi-humourous roleplaying. Looking forward to the next session of the game.
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