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Sunday Afternoon Mermaid Adventures RPG One-Shot

As mentioned yesterday, the Sunday afternoon gaming group came out yesterday afternoon.

Much to my surprise, the weeked before Tammy had agreed to play a game new to her (and to SteveR as well), and so we did a one-shot of the Mermaid Adventures! Once both players arrived for the gaming session, I explained the basic premise of the game, and they all thought it sounded like a good, fun idea. So we proceeded to character creation.

SteveR - Steve hemmed and hawed a bit about what type of character to play, as usual. He finally settled on a hunter, then amended that to a Jellyfolk bounty hunter, and called him Adiph.

Tammy - She and I had talked earlier in the week about some elements of the game, since she had no familiarity with the game world, and Tammy came in to game with the concept she wanted. She created Saphyre, a Rayfolk gumshoe/private eye with a good skill set, but no real combat abilities!

Two interesting, but very different player characters to be honest. Once the players had their characters, I went through the basic rules (which really are easy to work with), showed them the dice mechanics, and then we started the game.

As with the Friday night gamers' one-shot, I started with a basic premise. A missing persons case. At Blue Rays, the private eye/gumshoe agency that she's part of, a sharkfolk named Harvey [the Knife] hired Saphyre to find Furry, his missing lobster merchant friend (though she sensed there was more to the relationship). She went to Fire Haven on business to see Black Otis, a tall and muscular octofolk who was also rumoured to be a sorcerer. Out in the Dark Lands. Rather than take her usual bodyguard, Harvey, she took Brucie, another member of the Sharkey Associates bodyguarding firm, with her. Harvey told her that Brucie is a seahorsefolk - interesting choice of a bodyguard. Harvey willingly signed a standard contract, and as an afterthought added that Black Otis is also rumoured to do business with the surface folk [humans].

Since the Dark Lands are a dangerous place to go, Saphyre decided to hire an acquaintance of hers, a bounty hunter named Adiph. She went to see him and he agreed to be hired for the missing persons case. However, he wanted a bit extra, due to the dangers of going into the Dark Lands. She agreed, figuring she'd inflate the fee to Harvey and then pay Adiph out of that. Adiph admitted he doesn't know anything about Fire Haven, but knows someone who does.

Adiph paid a visit to Prickles, an urchinfolk purveyor of information and a contact he has from previous dealings. For the right price, tracking down a hermit crab who's been stealing "stuff" from Prickles, he tells Adiph that Fire Haven is a ridge of hills, a rather hot place due to its environs, inhabited by low lives and others as well as the dangerous "fire fish."

Adiph tells Saphyre what he's learned. The two head out the next morning. At the border teritory between Atlantis and the Dark Lands, they encounter an Atlantean Guard on patrol. He gives Adiph a net as a gift, and wishes them well in the Dark Lands and the Fire Haven area...

Suffice to say, the two player merfolk have a few encounters with strange things and individuals during their trip to Fire Haven, including baby electric eels and strange, shadowy hunting parties armed with tridents (!!) that they hide from. They eventually reached Fire Haven, learned the "truth" about the fire fish, and discovered other truths... It turns out that Furry is not in love with Harvey, but with Black Otis, and has come to live with the octofolk sorcerer (yes, he is!) in Fire Haven. She asks the player merfolk to take a necklace, one of the first gifts that Harvey had given her, back to him and explain the situation. And so they did.

When all was said and done, the players told me they had really enjoyed the session of Mermaid Adventures, enjoying the simplicity of the game mechanics and world concept, and the ease with which the system came across. However, both players felt that the game was suited more to one-shots and occasional multi-session games, rather than a campaign of any sort. Both said they wouldn't mind playing another session like this from time to time.

The game session got a bit ridiculous with some of the humour that the two players brought to the session, though I admit to being guilty of some puns during the course of the afternoon myself! Overall, a rather fun game session to end Sunday gaming for 2019.

Looking forward to gaming in 2020. :)
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