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Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

Got back from grocery shopping very late, and am feeling exhausted. The bitterly cold weather made me really glad that I bought myself that Wind River winter coat! Unpacked the groceries, drank a bottle of water, and sat back on the couch for 10 minutes or so. Legs and feet in a lot of pain.

Gaming this evening with the Friday gaming group is on, and I'm really pleased about this. I'll be continuing on with the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG campaign this evening, and am looking for it. Tonight's session will deal with bringing Peter's character into the mix, so that should be fun. The Friday night gamers are quite looking forward to playing the game tonight, as mentioned also in my last post on getting ready to get back to the Coriolis - The Third Horizon game.

In the meantime, I need to get upstairs and finish making supper.

Have a good evening, folks. :)
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