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The Sunday afternoon gaming group played on Sunday (the 26th of January), but due to medical appointments and their ramifications, I've not had a chance to blog about the game session until now. The Sunday players re-started their Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG campaign from scratch on Sunday. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.



Dalal al Yousfana (SteveR) - Scientist (Technician)
Ziva dariBoukhari (Tammy) - Negotiator (Peddler)
Ithara Kalarash (NPC1) - Pilot (Freighter Pilot)
Palan Mumrabh (NPC2) - Soldier (Mercenary)
Skot Habibar (NPC3) - Ship Worker (Dock Worker)

First Triad, Dancer Segment, Day 10, CC 58

[I started off the game session by going over the player character creation bits and pieces and making sure the game numbers for the player characters and their ship were kosher. I then proceeded with a re-introduction to the game mechanics of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon roleplaying game, and then provided the players with a quick (re-)overview of the universe of the game environment, the Third Horizon. I then answered some questions the players had about the game system and the mechanics, leaving detailed combat out of the talk (though I gave them a basic introductory chat about it). We also talked about Tammy's responsibilities as Captain of the ship, as she's not overly thrilled at "business paperwork" (her words, not mine), and then got into the first game session proper. -jk]

The light freighter Ahlima's Hope is approaching Coriolis station as it prepares to dock at the Neoptra spaceport. The current cargo, picked up in the Hamura system, consists of 20 sealed pallets (approximately 120 metric tons) in what appear to be rack containers. They are to be delivered to Hakbar ibn Khaloum, who runs a business in the Ozone Plaza on Coriolis station. Dalal al Yousfana is working in engineering, keeping an eye on the various systems. Captain Ziva dariBoukhari is on the bridge, eyeing the work of Ithara Kalarash as she brings the ship in to port. Skot Habibar is in the cargo hold, doing some work there. No one has seen Palan Mumrabh since they started in towards Coriolis station. Ithara brings the ship into the spaceport, as per the instructions of Neoptra Control, and to dock 4-B without a scratch, and after a conversation with Dalal starts to power down the ship. Ziva can see that various station personnel are starting to assemble near the Ahlima's Hope. Ziva asks the ship's AI, Savitra, where Palan is. The ship informs her that the gunner is located in the arboretum.

Skot Habibar pokes his head in to the bridge, and says that the cargo is ready for delivery. He tells the captain that one of the cargo bays has been damaged, possibly from the "shifting" the goods took during the "incident" at the portal in the Hamura system. Ziva asks if he can make the repairs, and Skot tells her that he can; he figures the parts needed will cost about 200 Birr. She transfers the funds from the ship account onto a tag, and hands it to Skot, telling him that he's to go to the Ozone Plaza and purchase the parts there when they debark the ship. Ithara tells Ziva that they've used approxiately 33% of their fuel (it was the long trip in the Hamura system to the portal to Kua). Learning that the station is on the morning shift, Ziva contacts Khaloum Imports & Exports but learns that she'll have to get back in touch with them once she can confirm the delivery time on the goods in their cargo bays. Ithara estimates the cost to refuel the Ahlima's Hope will be around 6,000 Birr (she's got contacts in the station docking ports area), but she thinks she can talk them down in price. Ziva authorises her to make the transaction, and take the money from the ship's account. Ithara contacts the docking facility fuelling station, and attempts to haggle the price down a bit. Much to Ziva's disappointment and annoyance, she's unable to do so. She tells Ziva that at least they didn't try to charge more...

Dalal al Yousfana arrives on the bridge, and tells Ziva that the ship's systems look good, but they are suffering from some wear and tear. She's "a bit old, our ship," he tells her, though Savitra says that the Hope is perfectly functional and workable. Ziva breaks up their chat, and tells Dalal that's he's to go with Skot to get the parts needed for the cargo bays. Dalal talks to Skot about what they need: repair parts for the cargo bays and parts for some of the cargo restraint mechanisms. Skot asks her if he wants him to check the stasis pods section. She says that's a good idea, and he goes down to that part of the ship, Dalal accompanying him. He finds that some of the seals on the lines to the stasis preservatives are running thin, and checks the parts inventory. He has the parts that he needs for the most part, but will need about 100 Birr to get replacements for the stuff that they use from stores. When they inform Ziva, she tells them to purchase what they need when they're off the ship.

The player characters (and the NPCs) prepare to depart the ship, although Palan and Ithara will stay on board to take care of a few things, the former needed to remain with the ship until the cargo is ready to be taken over to Khaloum I&E. Emerging from the Ahlima's Hope, they are greeted by a wall of noise (from ships, work crews, and unloading, among other things) and the smells of the spaceport - ranging from fuel, to the sharp tang of metal, to the smell of unwashed personnel. They are met at the ship's port by a customs officer, and three of the Coriolis Guard, armed with stun batons and Vulcan pistols [and one of them is armed with an accelerator rifle]. The customs official introduces himself as Nehali Absolon, and welcomes them to Coriolis station. After checking out Ziva, Dalal, Skot, and Palan, he says he's impressed that their pilot was able to land the ship without a scratch, a veritable feat of "good ship piloting." When he learns that the pilot is Ithara Kalarash, he's impressed, saying she has a "good reputation". [She gains 1 Reputation point.] Ziva arranges with him to have the cargo from the ship delivered to Khaloum Import & Exports some four hours later (during the afternoon shift); Palan Mumrabh will accompany the cargo as well, though Absolon says that several of the Coriolis Guard can accompany him as well, if she wishes. Diva says that would be fine. Absolon leaves the three Coriolis Guard near the ship's dock, and after he leaves, the characters proceed to the security checkpoint.

After going through security and then being welcomed to Coriolis again, Ziva, Dalal and Skot emerge into the heady smelling, loud and cacophonous Spice Market. As they get their bearings, a voice calls out to them, and the three turn to face a seeming beggar wearing an an ancient somewhat smelly set of clothes. He calls out, asking if it's really Ziva, and she is shocked to recognise Hariman darMansour. He was part of one of the great families of Dabaran, that fell out of favour over some weapons deals. She remembers him giving her fig and date sweets, and how he wiped her face and mouth when she was a child. Hariman's mouth waters at the smell of some sort of meat or veggie pies coming from a nearby seller hawking his wares, and he begs her to take him for a bite of food. As they move towards the food vendor, Ziva feels a tug on her caftan, and suspecting foul play at hand, looks down to see a small street urchin [Mola] tugging on her caftan. She begs her for alms, but she doesn't have any birr at hand. She offers instead to get her some pie(s) at the vendor, and the urchin is delighted at this prospect and moves off with them and Hariman.

Dalal notices someone watching them, leaning on one of the pillars in the Spice Plaza. He is a dark haired man wearing a dark green and yellow djellaba, with a weapon of some kind concealed by an overvest at his waist. He has a tattoo on his right cheek [a stylized dragon merged with the Icon symbol of the Messenger], but Dalal doesn't recognise the symbol. He points the man out to Ziva, who doesn't recognise it either, but she says that the man's got a mercurium sword at his waist. When the man sees Ziva watching him, he smiles at her, gesturing with his hand as if firing a weapon at her, and then moves off into the crowd. They are approached by one of the Coriolis Guard, Lt. Darik, who asks if they are all right. Ziva and Dalal tell him what just occurred, and he takes down the details they can offer him, telling them that he'll look into it. He tells them that only licensed individuals can carry weapons on Coriolis station.

The group decides to split up after bidding farewell for the moment to Hariman and the street beggar. Ziva heads off in search of goods and food supplies for the Ahlima's Hope, and manages to purchase stuff that is pretty much to everyone's taste, as well as some special items for each crewman [she spends 1,000 Birr]. Skot and Dalal make their way to the Ozone Plaza, and locate Haddu's Emporium, marked only with the sign of the Merchant. Inside, Dalal is surprised to find that Haddu's stock goes up on high and down below, and soon realizes that Haddu is an ape-like humanite. He and Skot greet each other like old friends, and the two come to a deal for the cargo retraint parts that they need for the ship, at the agreed rate that Skot told Ziva it would cost. Skot arranges to have the parts sent over to the Ahlima's Hope, and makes the payment. Haddu tells Dalal that he doesn't have the stasis seal components they require, but a friend three stalls over, Chobar, does. Dalal leaves Haddu's shoppe, and goes over to Chobar's place, where he finds the parts the need for the stasis pod seals. He arranges to have the parts they require sent over to the Ahlima's Hope. Back at Haddu's Emporium, Skot and Haddu catch up with one another, and Skot learns that Haddu has some info about potential mercantile jobs he's overheard about. He promises to look into them. Dalal returns from his visit to Chobar's, and after bidding farewell to Haddu, the two head back for the Ahlima's Hope.

Sunday's game session of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG campaign went pretty well, I thought, and re-started the game campaign with some familiar, but somewhat different, encounters and events to it. This first session was meant to allow the players to get a feel for their characters, interact with the three NPC crew of the ship, and experience a bit of the Coriolis station (and the game universe) in the process. Both Tammy and SteveR seemed to have a good time of it, and enjoyed the game session quite a bit, Tammy telling me that she felt the game session wasn't so frenetic and overwhelming as the game had been the first time I ran it.

Overall, a good first session "restart" to the Coriolis - The Third Horizon Sunday campaign. I'm looking forward to the next game session, for sure.


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