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The Start of February

It's Saturday morning. The first of February. A new month.

The weather outside is relatively clear and partially sunny, and only mildly cold (if you don't count the wind chill). A nice change from most of January. I can't say I'm unhappy to see the back side of January, as to be honest, last month was pretty bad health-wise and to some extent weather-wise (though it's been a milder winter than most folks expected ::knock on wood:: ). I'm just hoping that this month is better than last month, especially health-wise. The early part of January was pretty decent, but the rest of the month wasn't all that great for multiple reasons.

I don't have much to say today as I'm in quite a bit of pain and have a few things I want to get done before the evening. That, and nap a bit this afternoon.
Tags: health hut, new month, ottawa, pain, personal, weather, winter

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