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Theory Rambling About COVID-19, aka Coronavirus

Well, we're living in the time of COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, and there are all kinds of theories about the pandemic and the disease. I'm pretty sick still at the moment, so these may seems...weird, or whatever, but just wanted to jot these down. Thought I would share a couple of these, as well as my own personal view on the whole mess of a pandemic.

One theory I can up with is that the coronavirus is actually the master plan of Covidia, the spider creature from deep in the heart of the galaxy, who has come to Earth to invade and is using the coronavirus to decimate the planet before her conquest takes place. This is the nineteenth viral attempt she has made in the past year, and so far, the most successful one. Needless to say, just wild conjecture - but it might make for a good movie of the week.

A second theory I've heard is that the coronavirus is actually a Chinese germ warfare experiment sponsored by the Russians that has gone horribly wrong. This theory is just really one that while it has some potential veracity to it, I strongly don't believe that it's even remotely correct. Just fosters more distrust and national posturing. Not true.

Finally, here's what I believe to be the truth: The coronavirus is a natural event, a creation of Mother Nature. She has seen her planet overrun by us silly apes, She's tired of us overpopulating the world, and has decided to cull the herd, so to speak. I can see where She's coming from. Humanity is terrible, and I really don’t blame Nature for trying her damndest to wipe us out the last couple of years.

That's it. 'Nuff said.
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