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The Hell of Yahoo Groups

The last two days have been absolute hell, for a variety of reasons.

And I have remembered one of the reasons why I don't like a lot of the Yahoo Groups out there. And right now, I absolutely ****loathe**** one of the Yahoo Groups that I'm on (not one of the Yahoo Groups that I own, thank Goddess)!!

That's all.

As some of you know, I'm running a specific poll on the ShadesofNoir Yahoo Group. The poll has been ongoing for a few months, and we've just reached the end of the thirtieth (30th!!) round of the poll, with three actors being nominated per Round). I list the three actors and the relevant classic noir movies these guys have been in. Several of the folks on the mailing list have acknowledged the work that I've gone to to research the actors and their films and the effort that I've put into it. Everyone who currently posts on the list, some 20 out of 250+ members of the list, have been enjoying the poll, and it has been generating some good traffic about the actors in question, the films noir they have been in, and the like, and folks have even had to go to databases to search out some of the obscure actors, and people have been learning stuff they didn't know about the movie genre. It's been a good learning experience, yes?

Well, not for everyone. The moderator of the list approved the polls before I set them up, agreeing with my reasons for starting the polls, and they have generated a lot of traffic on the mailing list. And then, a couple of people pop into the list and say that they're not enjoying the list, which is being "dominated" by the polls, and there's no discussion of the films noir and topics about noir. Never mind that the main person who started this brouhaha only joined the mailing list on February 1st!! And then two folks who've never posted on the list since I became a member back in October decide to delurk and put their $0.02 in that they're not enjoying the list anymore either.

You get the picture.

The moderator of the list, meanwhile, remains very silent on the matter, and pipes up in favour of the guy who joined the list on February 1st. He's not had a problem with the business of the poll since I started, but suddenly... and now he wants me to use the Yahoo Poll function to run the polls, despite the traffic that I've created on the list. So, I had to assemble the whole list of the actors and their movies (and I've already got the next Poll, "The Dames of Noir", ready to go), and now I have to retype the entries for each actor with their movies in again using the automated Poll function? I don't think so.... Add to this that many of the folks on the mailing list are pleased with the polls the way they are, but the moderator is being influenced by three people, and...!!!! Nuts!!!

I haven't decided what I'm going to do, but right now I feel as if I've wasted all this time and effort coming up with the polls in the first place, and the damn thing went on for 30 Rounds (!!!) before this happened. Almost three months of polls, all for naught!! Damned assholes!!

*Now* I'm done. That's it.

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