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CanGames, 2020 Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Well, I was expecting this to happen at some point soon, and it has.

CanGames, 2020, the local gaming convention here in Ottawa that is held the Victoria Day weekend in May, has been cancelled.

A message to all our friends in the CanGames community

We here at CanGames had been holding out hope that we could host you all at our convention in May, to give everyone something fun to look forward to once the current COVID-19 measures could be relaxed. Unfortunately, as we all know, getting through this situation is taking much longer, and requiring more aggressive measures, than was thought in early days. We have now been told that the Rideau Curling Club will be closed through May.

In the circumstances, we are cancelling CanGames 2020...

Daniel Bouchard, President Cangames

I can't say this comes as a surprise to me, to be honest, as with the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the world, it was only going to be a matter of time before this announcement had to be made. However, to be honest, I was expecting this announcement much earlier, and had hoped that the folks from CanGames would try and offer the convention up some time later in the year, much as the folks at Breakout 2020 in Toronto have done. Of course, the difference is that CanGames is being held at the Rideau Curling Club these years, while Breakout is being held at a hotel every year nowadays. Since CanGames isn't willing to move the convention to another venue for all sorts of various reasons (that I'll not discuss here at all), it was inevitable that if the convention were put off for May due to COVID-19, it was going to be cancelled, rather than be postponed. And when it comes right down to it, the folks at ">CanGames have made the right choice (even if that choice was taken out of their hands by the Rideau Curling Club), given the sheer virulence and danger that Coronavirus represents.

As mentioned elsewhere on my blog, I've been quite ill for most of March (as is my penchant for this time of year, I might add). I was planning to run a session of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG, "The Statuette of Zhar Baghra," at CanGames this year, as well as two sessions of the new Zorro: The Roleplaying Game, "The Black Widow" and "The Peril at Lucifer's Bluff". March's illness pretty much de-railed most of the writing work that I was doing on one of the Zorro scenarios and the player characters for the adventure, and to be honest, given the way COVID-19 has spread and continues to ravage the world for the most part, I was considering cancelling going to CanGames this year for the safety of my health.

Now, with CanGames, 2020 called off, I feel a bit sad and somewhat at a loss for what to do. The scenario material is well on the way, though I still have a good deal of work to do on it, but I was looking forward to running both Coriolis - The Third Hoizon and Zorro: The Roleplaying Game at the convention.

Oh, well... we'll see what the future holds, I suppose...
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