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Gaming and a Movie III

Last night's session of Universe went very well, and the players are doing all sorts of unexpected stuff during the course of the plot. Joanne is having a blast with her cargo handler, and is proving more useful than the other characters might have expected, methinks. The scenario itself is coming along fine, and I think this one will end after the relatively correct number of sessions. The moral of last night's session was: Never piss of a MASS1 officer, 'cause you never know when you may have to deal with him again!

After the regular gaming session for the night, we sat back and watched another late night film noir. The movie for last night was 99 River Street, a 1953 movie starring John Payne, Evelyn Keyes, Brad Dexter, and Peggy Castle. The movie, about a former boxer who now drives a cab being embroiled in the murder of his wife, has a hard-hitting message, and is pretty good. Terse, functional scenes, an almost casual brutality, and a batch of characters who are all shylock types in one way or another make for a movie that has all manner of neat things going on in it. Kathy and Joanne loved the two female leads, but the three boys were fond of the boxing scenes, and found them very realistic and quite brutal. Their only problem was that the movie ends up with everything working out for John Payne's protagonist, something they felt wasn't quite right for this style of noir. And they couldn't figure out the relevance of the end of the film until close to the end.

Anyway, a good night overall.

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