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My Monday Evening

Last night was a pretty decent evening.

I've been trying to figure out a couple of recipes, and experimented with a recipe last night for Chicken Marsala with saffron rice. The recipe came out pretty well, I thought, and had some interesting tastes to go along with it, so that was good. The saffron rice was absolutely delicious, so I think this one's a keeper. May try to experiment with it a few more times and do some spice changing and see how that comes out.

I decided to watch another film noir last night, since nothing else was on that I wanted to see. The film I picked was Crossfire, the 1947 flick starring the three Roberts - Young, Mitchum, and Ryan. The story concerns a bigoted soldier who kills a Jewish man, and tries to lay the blame on a fellow soldier. The movie is one that explores racial bigotry in a stark, blatant manner, with Robert Ryan playing the soldier bigot wonderfully (but he's always good in psychopathic roles, I find), and Robert Young as the police detective out to find the perpetrator. It has some fine performances from Robert Mitchum as the soldier friend of the guy being framed for the murder, and Gloria Grahame as the witness to the innocence of the guy being framed, and the supporting cast is decent in their job as well. Good movie.

So a good night overall, relatively peaceful and stress-free. I could use a few more of these kind of nights. :)

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