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The Vaesen RPG Pledge Rewards Have Arrived!

Yesterday, I received a pleasant surprise in the post via courier (FedEx, to be precise). My backer rewards around the Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying RPG arrived.

Here are some photos...

The game book is quite nice in size, some 234 pages in size, with a very nice matte cover. The interior pages are also relatively matte in style, a welcome relief to me from the glossy books that roleplaying game publishers have produced over the years, with a good mix of text and art.

The Gamemaster's Screen is very nice, with most of the useful tables from what I can tell, though from scanning the rulebook there are a couple of charts missing that would have been useful. Additionally, the GM Screen included a double sized map, of the Mythic North and of the city/town of Upsala. Here are the map graphics...

Both maps are lovely, and will prove quite useful in the game, methinks. :)

I haven't started to read the game yet, though I'll be getting to that later today. Really looking forward to it! :)
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