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Free RPG Day

Today is Free RPG Day.

While today's Free RPG Day is somewhat different than those in the past, due to the coronavirus pandemic, don't forget to go down to your local rpg or hobby shoppe, if possible and if they're open for business, and see if they're giving away the various Free RPG Day quick-start rules and adventures for any of your favourite games.

And don't forget to pass the word on Free RPG Day to folks. This is the perfect opportunity to get some of those non-gamer friends and loved ones involved with the hobby, and to introduce them to some great rpg systems out there. With all the on-line gaming that's going on out there, this is even easier than it's ever been before, though if you prefer face-to-face gaming and are able and willing to do so (well, all the gamers concerned), today is what it's all about.

And a Happy Free RPG Day to all! :)
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