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August Is A New Month

It's the 1st of August. A new month. Thank Goddess.

I have to say that I'm quite relieved for the most part. While the first six months of 2020 were very bad for me for the most part, the month of July went by with several health issues that I have to admit have scared me, and that have definitely screwed with my head. Not to mention the stress.

On the other hand, July 2020 was a pretty bad month overall, what with the coronavirus pandemic on the upswing, racial prejudices and violence coming to the forefront, some of the political messes that are ongoing, and-- Never mind, best not to dwell on that stuff for the moment.

As for August, well... I don't have a lot going on this month, to be honest. There's a couple of doctor appointments ahead of me this month (assuming those go ahead with the coronavirus business making doctor stuff more difficult), the usual footcare, and I'd really like to get my hair cut this month. (It's been 5 months since scissors/shaver touched my hair, though I have taken care of my beard!) I'm just going to try and take the month day-by-day, am going to try and relax and not stress over stuff as much as I can. And I'm going to find one positive thing every day, even if it's just a small thing, so that I don't fall into a state of total despair with all the world shite going on.

But for now... some breakfast. :)
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