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Civic Holiday (Colonel By Day) Thoughts

Monday, the civic holiday here in Canada. Colonel By Day, officially.

I'm feeling somewhat out of sorts, to be honest, as I am hurting quite a lot in the left foot and the lower back/abdomen area. A bit groggy due to having taken some Gabapentin, but needed that to deal with the pain.

I have no plans for the day, to be honest, other than to catch up on some reading, some PVR (and maybe some DVD) watching, do a bit of laundry and change some of the bed linens.

Hope my friends and everyone living in Canada have a great day. (Remember to keep practicing safe behaviour in light of the coronavirus pandemic that still threatens us.) And the rest of the folks out there, too, of course. :)
Tags: civic holiday, coronavirus, health hut, holiday, housework, life, pain, personal, plans for the day

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