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RPGaDay2020 in August - August 8th: Shade

We continue on with #RPGaDay2020 in August.

Day 8 - Shade

Due to how I'm feeling today and that my brain is a bit...slow on the uptake...for the day, I don't really have anything interesting to say here. Just share a few (random) thoughts on the prompt word of the day.

Given that it's a brutal summer here in the Ottawa valley, the first thing I think of when the word "shade" pops up is shade from the sun. That can be taken as getting out of the rays of the sun in the literal sense, of course, but it also conjures a place to seek shelter, safety, and perhaps relax for just a few minutes (or hours). In a magical sense, shade equates to shadow, and perhaps this is a place of shadows, where a group of players can avoid the magical seeking spell that is hunting them down or the creatures that seek them but fear the shadows.

Speaking of shadows, when I think of shades, the Roman meaning of the term comes to mind as well... Ghosts, spirits of the dead, and that sort of thing. Dealing with shades in the Roman sense in roleplaying games is as much about darkness/lightness of spirit as it is about morality, because ghosts and other forms of the dead in roleplaying games teach us about moral issues of various types, depending on the reason for the spirits' remaining behind and doing what they do.

And that leads to my final thought on the topic for today - shades of grey. The nature of roleplaying games and players and GMs interacting in said games is always about (and if it's not, should be) shades of grey. Nothing in roleplaying games and their adventures should be black or white, unless one is going for a very "pure" sense of situation and/or morality. While most choices that players and their characters make in roleplaying games are pretty much black and white (for example, killing goblins that attack them, agreeing to help the villagers find their lost children, whatever), there are those choices that are made by characters based on their background and personality (such as seeking vengeance on the bad guy who killed one's family or spouse) or based on a more ambiguous, less clear-cut reason (learning that the spirit of a dead person is not at rest because of the crime committed against them by the killer, or the band of wolves is ravaging the countryside due to manipulation by a faunamancer, or what to do with the half-human child left at the farmstead or monastery). Under these circumstances, the shades of grey come to the fore - and these are the choices that players (and GMs) will remember fondly from their gaming experiences. And what their characters had to do under the circumstances!

But sometimes, shade is really just about getting out of the sun and the heat. :)

And there you have this eighth post for this #RPGaDay for August, 2020. Comments, thoughts, questions, etc. are all welcome, of course. :)
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