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My Moo Star Sign

Got this one from simonrogers and the See Page XX" column over at the Pelgrane Press website.

Frodo 22 June - 22 July

How would I describe a Frodo in love? Kind of like candy floss wrapped in a wet dishcloth. Heaven help you if that one night stand turns into a long-term relationship. They'll pop down to the High Street to buy an engagement ring and come back eighteen months later minus the ring and moaning about being mugged by a goblin. Whiny sods, Frodos!

Most Compatible With: Rangers give Frodos a sense of security and make valuable companions in most situations - post-industrial allegorical wars, going down the shop for a bag of crisps, that sort of thing. Burrows and Frodos have a natural affinity and, unusually for such diffident signs, get under the duvet pretty quickly. Unfortunately this isn't down to instant sexual attraction - more a mutual fear of spiders in the bath.

Least Compatible With: Ninjas. Frodos dislike their emotional detachment and their unnerving habit of jumping out from behind the wardrobe.

hehe Just fun stuff! :)

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