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RPGaDay2020 in August - August 17th: Comfort

We continue on with #RPGaDay2020 in August.

Day 17 - Comfort

The prompt word for the day conjures up various different approaches to the direction of today's blog entry.

For me, the word "Comfort" when it comes to gaming brings to mind the things that I like to have at the gaming table when I'm running the game. The physical rulebook, a set of dice, some blank paper and a few writing implements, and of course, the scenario I'm running. All paper materials, none of this laptop or small computer stuff. Yes, I'm one of those old-fashioned GMs, and proud of it. :)

Food and drink are also a necessity. Water, perhaps with some fruit concoction in it, is preferable. I don't allow alcohol at the game table (though that's not a problem with my gaming groups, due to the health conditions that several of my players have); theatre of the mind doesn't lend itself well to being influenced by alcohol, in my opinion. Snack-wise, players can have whatever they'd like, but I stick with cheese and veggies for the most part (that damn diabetes thing, you know) and maybe some crackers. If you want crisps and the like, you're going to have to bring your own. A cup of tea is also nice about half-way through the game session, more often if my voice is raw or harsh from whatever.

From the player point of view, however, there's also the issue of comfort. While most of the time the gaming groups I play with sit at the same table, there is also the option of spreading out all over the couch and floor of my living room. I have no problem with that, since I trust my players when I game. During this time of the pandemic, of course, there will be social distancing on the couches and floors, to be sure. Whether my gaming group(s) spread out during regular times is more a matter of taste and the like. While I don't usually allow mobile devices or phones at the table, I'll make an exception for specific reasons, and my players have grown comfortable with that. It really does keep them focused at the game table.

That said, players need to be comfortable both as themselves sitting around and gaming and in character, roleplaying the gaming situations that they encounter. All players have limits and subjects or phobias or whatever they're not comfortable with. I've gotten to know my players pretty well over the years and if one of the players has a problem with something I've set up in the game or a situation arises in game that they're not comfortable with, I have no problem with stopping whatever is causing them discomfort and moving on. Player comfort is important, but the players also realize that GM comfort is part of the equation as well.

Comfort in roleplaying, both at the table and in play. A good, comfortable game is like sitting with a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate on a freezing, snowy winter day.

And there you have this seventeenth post for this #RPGaDay for August, 2020. Comments, thoughts, questions, etc. are all welcome, of course. :)
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