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Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming

It's a relatively bright Sunday afternoon with temperatures expected to be around the 21 degrees C mark. My back and my foot/leg are pretty bad today, but I'm hoping that gaming with the Sunday group will make me forget all my troubles for a while.

Since both Tammy and SteveR are available to game today, especially as Tammy is not working on-call today...

Therefore, I can say something that I've not been able to say in a bit... The Sunday gaming group is on for today! They will be starting the Zorro: The Roleplaying Game (based on the heroic tales of Johnston McCulley) campaign proper today, though I've got to run a few more examples of combat (as I screwed up the weapon damage rules), and then will get into the first adventure proper. The gaming group hasn't played since late February in an honest to Goddess adventure, due to coronavirus, so I'm rather looking forward to getting back to the game this week.

In the meantime, gotta think about stuff...and get ready for gaming.

Have a good afternoon, folks! :)
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