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Dollhouse Thoughts

Forgot to mention that I watched the first episode of Dollhouse, Josh Whedon's new tv offering featuring Eliza Dushku, yesterday, over on the Fox website.

So, has it been cancelled yet?

While I have to say that Eliza Dushku still can't act all that well, the series looks like it's going to be a cross between Dark Angel and Alias, and definitely has a lot of potential. There's some interesting sub-plots and threads going on there, and the various actors around Eliza's Echo (great name for the character, btw) give the series a bit of depth. Learning some of the secrets of the Dollhouse and some of the back story of various characters, including Echo, should make for a good ride.

How good the series is remains to be seen, and whether it gets a good shot at success. I'll certainly be watching the episodes for a little while to see how things develop.

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