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I've Got the Blues (Mutant City, that is)

Ah well, a day late, but a dollar worth it. (I'll explain below).

The Sunday gaming group got in its game session, sort of yesterday, but it's a weird one.

Since I'm switching over to the SkyRealms of Jorune rpg, we were going to take the weekend off and do some other stuff, especially given that spross wasn't going to game because he was working. In any event, the other two gamers, Tammy and oni_neko wanted to generate their characters for Mutant City Blues when I suggested it to them last week, and so I figured that's what we would do. I talked to a new guy, hub_ (who had been part of the Desolation playtest a couple of weeks ago), and he was interested in Mutant City Blues as well, so he was gonna come over.

Things worked out really well, but not as I expected. Tammy and hub_ came around, but oni_neko called to let me know that she had other plans, and couldn't make it out. I was content to work with Tammy and hub_ on their Mutant City Blues characters, and spross said that he would be there around 4:00 pm after he got off work. The character generation process went swimmingly well, and both Tammy and hub_ grasped the basic game mechanics easily, and character generation was a cinch once they got the hang of the way the various types of skills worked and all. Both were a bit lacking in terms of a character concept, so the characters created yesterday I consider dry runs for the real player characters they will create when we sit down to play a game of Mutant City Blues. They seemed to like the way the skill purchasing was done (different point spreads for General and Investigative skills and Mutant powers), as well as the nature of the Quade Diagram, which forms the basis for the Mutant powers and all in the world of MCB. Once they had the basic characters done, I ran the two of them through a couple of sample scenario threads. The two plots were based on two simple questions: First, how do you shoot a man who is immune to bullets? Second, how do you drown a guy who has gills? The two players had a terrific time trying to sort things out at the scene of the crime, for the first case idea, and came up with some nifty theories.

Around 4:00 pm, while Tammy and showed up, somewhat tired from work. He did a good job of creating a character, filling in skill blanks and the like that the other two had, and then we got into the plot of the drowning guy. Poor wants to go into detail here, he can! :)), but the characters did some good investigative work and had a good time.

What was really neat was that Tammy, spross and hub_ all agreed when it was over that the GUMSHOE game system and the Mutant City Blues were really easy to get into, and that the rules were simple and truly enhanced the investigative nature of the story. Coupled with the addition of super-heroics and the background of the world of MCB, they had a blast with the game, and definitely liked character creation.

(Unfortunately, I can't provide you with any of the game stats for the characters, since I don't have their character sheets, but perhaps Tammy, spross or hub_ will post the stats of the characters here or over on their blogs. And will perhaps link to my journal post here...)

Needless to say, as mentioned, I played the Friday and Sunday game sessions with a PDF copy of Mutant City Blues, and to be honest, while I was able to do a competent job, having a print copy of the game would have made the process much easier. I'm not a fan of using computers and PDF books on a laptop or computer to run games. Well, guess what? My copy of Mutant City Blues arrived in today's snail mail, hot off the presses and the distributor's truck and all! My thanks to the folks at Profantasy for their speedy processing of the order and all.

What a blue-tiful hardcover book, folks! Solid, rigid cover stock, decent binding on it, and full of Mutant City goodness! I should be working on the SkyRealms of Jorune game for the weekend, but noooooooo, I'm perusing the Mutant City Blues book, yes I am...

Like I said, a day late, but a dollar definitely worth it!

My compliments to simonrogers and the folks at Pelgrane Press, and to writer robin_d_laws for such a masterful, gorgeous book, and a roleplaying game to inspire!
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