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Heading to the Hotel

Well, I'm just getting ready to leave the house and head out to the hotel where I'll be staying while Orkin Canada works to eliminate and destroy the bed bugs in the house. They've just arrived at the house to prepare to start work, and I'm all packed up (one suitcase, a travel bag for my medications, a gaming bag, a shopping bag full of lotions and shampoo and stuff, and my BDB tote bag full of miscellaneous stuff) and so will call a taxi shortly.

I'll be staying at the Marriott Courtyard East here in Ottawa for the next four days, and will hopefully return to the house on Monday some time. Truth be told, I need to escape the house given the stress and emotional upset the bed bugs (not to mention the other issues in my life that I've discussed on this blog elsewhere) have/are causing me, and hope to get back some of the much needed sleep that I've lost over the last six weeks or so.

I'll also be gaming this weekend at the hotel, first tomorrow night with the Friday gaming group and then with the Sunday group on Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to that. And I've taken a couple of novels with me to read during my stay at the hotel as well.
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