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Sunday Afternoon Gaming Cancelled

The Sunday afternoon regularly scheduled gaming session that was due to take place today has been cancelled.

Tammy and I spoke yesterday (Saturday), and with Ottawa being a current hot spot and red zone for the coronavirus pandemic, she felt it best and prudent that we take gaming off today (Sunday). I agreed with her for the most part, though in part that was due to the fact that I'm still feeling under the weather myself. SteveR is feeling pretty tired at the moment from his work week, so he agreed as well. So today's gaming session is off.

This means that I won't be running the scheduled session of the Sunday afternoon Zorro: The Roleplaying Game campaign this afternoon. I'm looking forward to running the next session of the Sunday campaign whenever that happens, hopefully in the next two weeks.

No idea what I'm going to do this afternoon, but it will likely involve some reading, perhaps a bit of DVD watching, and definitely some napping/sleeping. That, and hydrate and stay warm.
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