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Start of December, A New Month

It's December 1st. A new month.

Once more, November is a month that I'm happy to see the back end of, and I suspect pretty much everyone feels the same way. This was a month that saw the COVID-19 pandemic second wave being stronger than ever and having a devastating impact on people everywhere. Not to mention a few natural disasters and man-made attacks and the like. In some places, hospitals are being swamped and overwhelmed once more. I am now dreading the true coming of winter this month, but given how last month went, just happy December has arrived.

While I wasn't truly sick at all during November ::knock on wood:: I suffered most of the month from a general malaise and just feeling out of sorts. Not to mention not sleeping all that much and all that well. Had no medical appointments for the most part last month, largely due to coronavirus limiting medical procedures and in-person stuff, though I did manage to get my seniors flu shot at the beginning of November. So that was one less thing to worry about.

Being Jewish and a singleton, December tends to be a depressing month for me. This year promises to be a bit worse in this regard, as family can't visit and I won't be seeing pretty much all of my friends for the month due to the coronavirus thing going on. We'll see what the month brings in that regard.

Hopefully, the month of December will be quiet on the medical front for me, though I do have an appointment for my eyes to be checked in a week and a half or so. Haven't had my eyes look at in over two years, and that's not a good thing for a diabetic. As for the rest of December, I'm hoping it passes quietly, there's not a lot of snow ::knock on wood:: again, and that someone buys me a Christmas present of some sort! :)

In terms of gaming this December, both the Friday and Sunday gaming groups have decided that they won't play until at least the new year due to the continuing threat and spread of the coronavirus. Given my health, age and other factors, I'm at high risk for not surviving a bout of the coronavirus if I were to get it, so not gaming seems prudent at the moment - even if I do miss it for the social context. I may have to cave in and see if I can figure out gaming on-line. It might be time for that.

The real trick for me in December (well, most of the winter, really) is to manage to keep warm. The arthritis that I have is one thing, but the neuropathy damage from the diabetes that I also have makes winter tough on my keeping the extremities warm. Not to mention hydration.
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