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Senator Trade - Vermette for LeClaire

And so the Ottawa Senators have made their second deal in the past two weeks, today on Trade Deadline Day in the NHL.

Antoine Vermette to the Columbus Blue Jackets in return for Pascal LeClaire and a 2nd round pick.

I always thought Vermette was meant to be the replacement for Martin Havlat (who was dealt years ago to the Chicago Blackhawks), but the kid never really gelled for Ottawa. The deal for LeClaire is an iffy one, as the goaltender is recovering from ankle surgery, so it is doubtful that he will play for Ottawa this year. (While I hope he does, the interview they did with him on TSN seems to indicate otherwise.) That said, if LeClaire is healthy for next year, the Senators may well have solved their goaltending problems, as LeClaire is an excellent goaltender, perhaps the best the Senators will have ever had, if he stays healthy.

I think this is a good deal for Ottawa, but I am sad in some ways to see Vermette go. Still, I hope he does well for Columbus, and will be following their status the rest of this season and into the post-season (if they make it).

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