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My Love Life...

One of the things I haven't talked about is my love life. Perhaps you didn't think I had one. Well, I do. This is a case in point of how one can find love without having to look for it at all.

My significant other is a lovely woman by the name of Stefanie Bonnie Wilson, but we'll call her "Stef" for short (I do, and I'm sure she won't mind). I first met Stefanie Wilson in 1993, when she joined the rpg group that I ran back then. She was seeing someone else at the time, also a gamer, Rob something or other...but was friends with a couple of my Friday nighters, Kathy and Steve Bauer. Unlike the gamers I play with on Sundays, the Friday nighters tend to socialise quite a bit. I've known Stef now for 13 years, and we both had our relationships during that time.

Stef had a series of boyfriends (she never thought of them as "relationships", or so she keeps telling me), and I had my own stuff going on (I'll save this for another entry, perhaps), so we never hooked up, but we shared a lot in common. Stef is now in her late 40's, has brown hair, marvellous dark green eyes (I keep falling into them), and she's a lawyer. She doesn't want me to talk about our relationship too much here, nor about her in a physical way (a privacy thing, which I respect), but I can tell you that we've been seeing each other and been together now for about a year. She loves jazz, blues, Jethro Tull, classic rock 'n roll, fishing(!), tennis, roleplaying games (of course), fantasy literature, modern-day romances, and painting, and likes to spend time being read to. The thing is she's been my friend now for 13+ years, and the relationship developed over time, I guess, and was just a natural progression. You won't find a photo of her in this journal because of the personal privacy thing and all, but I suppose I'll be mentioning Stef here from time to time.

Anyway, enough about me and my love life...

So, anyone have any love life stories to share? :)
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