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The Start of a New Month

It's March 1st. The start of a new month.

Thank Goddess.

February was very unkind to me, and that's putting it mildly. The health issues I've had have been the worst of it. The leg pain that I've been suffering from for some time now has gotten steadily worse, and February was a bad month with it. To a large extent, I've been unable to walk all that much for some time now, and there were days when the pain incapacitated me several days, the only relief I've had coming when I've been able to spend a chunk of time with my feet up. On the last Thursday of February, I went for my usual footcare appointment. My two pinkie toes have blood vessels that are very close to the surface, and the regular person who takes care of my feet wasn't there. Well, guess what? Yep, she cut the toenails too close and my two toes have been bleeding on and off for three days. And that's not to mention the sharp, burning pain on the toes and the fact that I can't wear socks or have a blanket over the toes else the pain is a lot worse. for long periods of the day, the only relief I've been able to get being spending time with my feet up. Add to that the sometimes severe abdominal and back pain that I've had for the last our months or so, and my life was pretty much a misery in February.

The weather for February was a mixed bag pretty much, with some pretty nasty snowfalls and bitterly cold days, but there were days where it was feeling almost like spring was around the corner with relatively mild temperatures. Just a very bizarre weather month. Who knows what's going to happen weather-wise in March, but hopefully it will be relatively mind.

Throw in the COVID-19 pandemic that still continues, now with variant forms of the virus, and even with the vaccine rollout starting in earnest, the virus is still winning. Hopefully, we won't see a third wave of the virus. ::knock on wood::

Yes, there were a couple of good things that happened in the month, but truthfully, not a month to remember. So bring it on, March! :)
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