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CanGames, 2009 and What I'm Running There

Received my flyer and registration sheet from CanGames, 2009 today, and figured I should post something about the rpgs that I'll be running this year, and toot my own horn, so to speak.

CanGames, 2009 is being held this year on the 15th through 17th of May, 2009, at the Rideau Curling Club here in Ottawa. For those interested, this is the long Victoria Day weekend here in Canada, and the convention has done pretty well during this time slot the last few years.

I'll be running the following games at the convention.

Shadow of the Wolf
Game: Desolation RPG
Number of Players: 6
Saturday 2-6 pm
Sunday 12 noon-4 pm
Description: While stopping in the village of Green Moon for supplies, you come upon a horrifying truth: villagers are being torn to pieces by some creature spawned by the Night of Fire. Will you uncover the real truth and save the villagers from a fate that could be worse than death? Try out this somewhat dark, post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg that uses the same game system as the Hollow Earth Expedition rpg. Prizes provided by the GM.

Shantier's Folly
Game: SkyRealms of Jorune RPG, 3rd Edition
Number of Players: 5
Friday 7-11 pm
Saturday 7-11 pm
Description: When you’re approached by a thriddle and a woffen (an intriguing, if odd combination!) who ask for your assistance in finding the thriddle’s missing friend, you never dreamed it would lead you to a place of dread. The trick is, can you survive the Folly? Rules will be taught in this truly alien game world.

I'm rather looking forward to running both Desolation and Skyrealms of Jorune, roleplaying games that I adore (Jorune going on 25 years now!), and am hoping to also run a one- or two-off of the latest GUMSHOE rpg, Mutant City Blues, as well. While I have some scenario ideas and all for the game, I'm hoping that sashabilton will come through with something (and hopefully you're reading this post, Sasha! <g>).

This will be the first year that I'm not going to be running Hollow Earth Expedition at the convention in three years, as my friend, spross will be running the game there, and I don't feel like stepping on his toes with the game. We'll see if anyone misses my running that game at the convention, I guess! :)

Either way, CanGames promises to be pretty good this year, and I'm rather looking forward to the convention.
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