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The State of My RPG Gaming

It's the start of May. Well, the 2nd of the month actually, but let's not be nitpicky here.

This is the time of the month where I'd be talking about CanGames, the local gaming convention here in Ottawa usually held on the Victoria Day weekend, and the stuff that I'm going to be running at the convention. However, this year's version of the convention, like last year's is not going to happen due to the COVID-19 pandemic that still continues, despite the "rollout" of vaccines and the like. I actually blogged in March about what I might running there this year in my What Might Have Been at CanGames, 2021 entry.

But I thought I'd talk about gaming here a little bit today...

It's been quite a while since I gamed, the last time I ran something being in September and October of 2020, and that being the only gaming I've done since February, 2020 and the start of the pandemic. My own health concerns and those of my gamers put gaming on hold since October, and I've had no complaint or argument against that; the health of myself and my friends comes before gaming, always. That doesn't mean I've not been busy doing stuff for gaming, but it's been rather on-and-off over the the last year plus. Largely due to my being uncreative and somewhat down in the dumps (actually, depressed) about stuff and feeling the loneliness of being alone in life right now as a 65+ year old singleton.

That said, I've gone back to my gaming roots, tired of the convoluted, not clearly one genre games of the current day, the expensive costs of said games, and a desire to run something simple (well, at least to me) again. And so I've gone back to the DragonQuest, 2nd Edition fantasy rpg. I've lost a lot of my computer files for the game over the years, but still have the batches of print copies of additional material that I've added to the game over the 40 (!!) years of on and off time that I've run the game for. (If you want a post or ten about the material in question, enough requests here might get me to write something up on that!) So I've spent a large chunk of my rpg-devoted time since March or so re-typing up and re-creating the various files on numerous subjects. And I've also finally gotten around to finishing some stuff that I never completed for the game (although I did do some work on it in 2016).

What does this all mean? Well, my gaming groups have expressed an interest in gaming again face-to-face once we all have our vaccination jabs (the first one, anyway) and then wait the mandatory couple of weeks for the partia immunity to set in. We'd still take the precautions currently in effect, but would manage to game face-to-face and that's really all they want. These plans may change, depending on what the health conditions out there are or change to at the time, but it's a positive step.

Goddess, but I miss gaming. *sigh*
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