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Should I Be Worried?

Today is exactly 5 weeks since I had the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine to combat the COVID-19 disease and pandemic.

As I noted back in this journal entry, the appointment for the second jab was cancelled that day. And I have been unable to (re)book the second appointment to get the second dose of the vaccine.

My doctor said that because of my health (the diabetes, the fact that I'm severely immuno-compromised, and a few other things), I should get my second dose by no later than the end of July. However, I am unable to book the second apppointment (just tried again moments ago), and the folks at the other end of the vaccination booking set-up couldn't tell me when I'd be able to arrange this. I keep getting the same answer: "Soon".

Should I be starting to get worried about this not being booked? What happens if I don't get the second jab within four months of the first one?
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