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'Tis the 1st of June

June 1st. The start of a new month.

And I am so happy to see the end of May. (And I suspect that most people out there feel the same way.)

Last month was a pretty wretched month for me (and lots of other people). Most of this can be attributed to the current status of the world order and society in general due to the COVID-19 pandemic (which shows no sign of slowing down, to be honest, despite the vaccination crusade going on out there) and the self-isolation and lockdown that was imposed and is still partially in effect for the most part. While the self-isolation and lockdown are being eased so as to restart the economy everywhere, the virus is showing quite clearly that it's not done with us for the most part. Regardless, the world around us and the social nature of humans has also shown its ugliness during the course of the pandemic, with terrible events happening (that I'm not going into here). Needless to say, I was pretty sad that CanGames 2021 did not happen this year, due to the coronavirus shutdowns everywhere and limited social activity if any at all. Other than a bit of gaming in September/October of 2020, I've not gamed since February or March of last year. I'm missing the gaming obviously, but that's due more to the social interaction and seeing people during the gaming sessions. Heck, I've not seen my goddaughter in over six months, and that was only because of some of the gaming we did in late 2020, and-- ah, never mind. Not going to dwell on this.

I've spent much of May dealing with severe foot and leg pain, major problems with my left hip/abdomen, a potental cancer diagnosis, and some diabetic problems that I'll not discuss for the moment. I was pretty miserable for much of May (and still am, to some extent) that I was hit with a major period of depression. I'm still suffering somewhat from that, and am feeling pretty lonely and lonesome. That said, I did manage to do a fair amount of reading in May, and have made some in-roads on working on old DragonQuest RPG materials, and making notes on new stuff for the game. Watching mostly game shows, and haven't really been watching a lot of DVD stuff (those are starting to pile up). Not a lot of positives in my life, but still I'm trying to take what I can get.

On the down side with June, this is the day that usually truly heralds the coming of summer for me, and the hot weather that I really dislike. It's been a pretty hot month of May, with some bitterly cold weather as well, so that doesn't augur well for June. The allergy season is in full swing, and is a brutal one, and I'm suffering from that as well. The month ahead is full of doctor/hospital appointments for me, and lots of blood tests, to see what's going on with the potential cancer business, but the COVID-19 pandemic is interfering with the scheduling of other tests, so we'll see what happens with that.

Anyway, June is off to a somewhat quiet, not great start, though the weather is heating up to start the month off. And the hospital tests and stuff start later today.

In the meantime, I have to try not to fall into a deep depression about things and the fact that I don't see or talk to anyone, other than my mom once in a while and one of my friends once a week.

"One day at a time in June" is my motto.
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