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Of Vaccines and Gaming

Today is Tuesday, the 29th of June.

In exactly one week today, I'll be getting my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine if all goes according to plan.

You have no idea how happy this makes me. Aside from it being getting the second dose of the vaccine and thus having full immunity (or whatever passes for it in these uncertain times) to the virus, this will allow me to start gaming once more. Two weeks later.

The Friday night group of players, all of whom have various health conditions that necessitated early doses of the vaccine, will all have had their second shots by next Wednesday. They've informed me that they would like to game face-to-face once more either the last weekend of July or the first weekend of August. I am so up for that, to be honest, it's got me chomping at the bit! Not sure yet when I'll game again with the Sunday afternoon players, but will hopefully hear more on that later in July as well, and there's the possibility that I'll be gaming again with the Wednesday nighters as well, but that's still to be decided on.

The last year and whatever I've only seen three people other than doctors and nurses and hospital technicians. My mother, her friend, and my friend spross. It'll be really nice to see other people, namely my gamers and my goddaughter, once more. And it'll be nice to get back to gaming again. I've been doing a good deal of work on the DragonQuest RPG the last few months, re-typing up some stuff, finally creating files for some stuff I've only ever had on paper, and creating some new material for the game (including adventures). What's been frustrating is not being able to run the game while creating and re-jigging material for the game, and to be honest, it'll be *lovely* to actually get to run the game and roll some dice again.

Needless to say, it won't be gaming the way it used to be. That would be impossible, given the new "normal" and the ongoing threat of COVID-19, even if fully vaccinated. The players and I will discuss what we're going to do in that respect a bit later in July, but for now, I'm just eager to get the second vaccine jab and to start gaming once more. :)

The Fall promises to be a time of renewed hope and socializing somewhat again, and I couldn't be happier.
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