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Yesterday in the Hospital

Okay, I'm going to start this blog entry by saying that I had a very bad night yesterday, after I got home from the hospital, but that it was an even worse day in a lot of ways. As mentioned in yesterday's blog entry, I finally got hold of the doctor yesterday, and after I told him how I was feeling and my symptoms, he told me to get to the hospital immediately. I took the time to pack some stuff to take with me, since I figured I might be there for awhile, and then took a cab ride to the Ottawa General Hospital Emergency department.

When I got there, the place was *packed*, with easily 150 people waiting to get medical treatment. I went through triage, and then got through registration, but I only waited 10 to 20 minutes, because (as I explained to the triage folks) I was having chest pain and difficulty breathing. I wasn't running a fever when they checked, so that was a good thing. After what the doctor had said to me when he told me to come to the hospital, I was a bit panicked, and this wasn't helped by my phobia/hatred of hospitals and buy the large crowds. Anyway, I was hustled to the Observation area, gowned up, and basic blood tests were done. I ended up with the IV in my arm at the elbow; something else I really hate are IVs in the arm, as they always hurt my arms and cause serious bruising later. Within the hour, I was sent off for x-rays of my chest (to see if I had COVID in the lungs, or some other infection). Pretty soon after I got back to my Observation cubicle, a heart specialist and technician arrived and did an EKG on me.

I finally saw the doctor, a Resident, who told me that my lungs were relatively clear, and that they could see nothing that explained the coughing or the chest pain (though the doctor told me that my other current medical problems could be partially responsible). The doctor had decided to run a CT scan of my heart. The fear is that I've got those myocardial (clots) in my heart that are a side effect of the COVID vaccine, as that is a factor that would account for an unexplainable cough and chest pain. Or it could be an underlying condition. He told me there were too many variables. Before they sent me down for the CT scan, the doctor decided that they would do a COVID swab test on me, just to be sure (though the results wouldn't be back for at least a couple of days). I'd not been tested for COVID before, since I hadn't been exposed to anyone with it that I knew of, and it was as uncomfortable as I'd heard. Weird feeling, to be sure. And yes, I sneezed afterwards. :) I went down for the CT scan around 6:00pm, and then went back up to the Observation cubicle to wait for the results. My blood sugar was very low, since they'd not given me any food or water during this time (because of the uncertainty on the tests that might be run), but now that the CT scan was done, they hooked me up to some IV fluids, gave me some ice chips to suck on, and allowed me to take my insulin and have some food (a couple of chicken salad sandwiches on white bread, some carrots and celery, and a peach and pineapple fruit cup).

Some time later, the CT scan results came back, and they were somewhat inconclusive. The doctor decided to discharge me and let go home, but not before he had the technicians run another series of vitals and blood tests. They sent me home from the hospital around 9:00pm, the doctor telling me they were going to arrange some more, detailed heart tests as soon as possible. The doctor told me to take it easy and rest, not to do too much, and that if I needed to come back to the hospital to do so. He'd keep my file open for several more days (at least until the COVID test result came back).

Some observations on the whole experience. During the very late afternoon, I suffered two very bad panic attacks, my fear/phobia of hospitals and the potential diagnosis didn't help matters, but... When the nurse took my blood sugar around 5:30pm and saw how low it was (around 3.2!), she apologetically told me that the panic attacks and how I was feeling were likely partially due to that. Some food helped, but not much, and I got some IV hydration as well. I'm afraid that I was a bit unbearable during the panic attacks, and asked the staff on the later shift when I was discharged to please apologize to the panic attack period staff for how poorly I behaved. I'm deeply apologetic for this, but it's how I am during the panic attacks (especially in hospitals). Immediately after I had the COVID swab (which they felt will come back negative), I was confined to the cubicle in Observation, and couldn't use the washroom as per COVID protocols. I learned that I really don't like commode chairs. :( I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that the heart CT scan only took 2 (!!) minutes, though the injected dye made me feel warm and unpleasant for a bit. The best part of the better part of the day spent in the hospital in Observation was the bed. Hell of a lot more comfortable than that piece of crap in my house. My bed at home is uncomfortably soft since the bed bug treatment last year

Once I got home from the hospital, well... I spent much of the night pretty ill, to be honest, and am still coughing away, have difficulty breathing today, and have chest pain again. I'm taking it as easy as I can today, and trying to rest and not stress out too much about stuff.

Not sure what comes next, but I guess I just have to wait until the doctors get back to me...
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