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Face-to-Face Gaming Again on Friday Night

This week I'm going to be doing something I haven't done in over a year.

On Friday night, the gaming group will reconvene for the first time in almost a year face-to-face, and actually game together!

The Friday night group will be starting a (somewhat) fresh campaign of the DragonQuest RPG fantasy roleplaying game, and the Friday gamers are really looking forward to the game and getting back into it. Well, most of them... One of my players, Peter, has never played the DragonQuest RPG at all, and created his character for the game a couple of weeks ago actually, and is quite looking forward to the game. Kathy warned him about the game's quite lethal combat system, but told him a good deal about some of the very positive things she finds about the DragonQuest RPG, and apparently this whetted his appetite even more. The Friday group last gamed back in October of 2020, but only for a few sessions, and have been quite looking forward to getting back to face-to-face gaming at the table; we did not play anything on-line at all, since three of the five players are not fond of on-line gaming (and have actually done a bit of rpg on-line play in their time, but just didn't enjoy it).

Needless to say, in this time of the (on-going) COVID-19 pandemic, we'll be taking some safety and health precautions at the table. All of us have had our second doses of the vaccine, the last of us having had it early in July, but we'll still be practicing some social distancing (except when dealing with the tactical combat grid) and wearing masks and the like. We'll be talking either Wednesday or Thursday about other precautions and safety protocols we might take, but everyone is really looking forward to doing some gaming once again.

I know I'm looking forward to sitting down and gaming again, for certain! :) The DragonQuest RPG is one that's very near and dear to my heart, but it has been a while since I've gamed (let alone run this system, 2016 or so iirc) and I'm a bit concerned about how...rusty...I'm likely to be running a game. Oh, well, I guess I'll find out on Friday!

In the meantime, can't wait! :)

And here's a reminder of what game I'll be running...

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