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Friday Night Game Report - DragonQuest RPG, Session 0

Yesterday night, Friday, the Friday night gaming group came out for the first face-to-face gaming session in over a year, and were excited and looking forward to launching a new DragonQuest RPG campaign. Since the game session last night was a Session 0, where the players went over the rules and game mechanics and the like, I've decided not to put it under a cut. Be warned there are several photos below as well.

Lorina Foxxe (Kathy Bauer) - Thief Adventurer
Harria of Jeresindal (Angela Marsh) - Pacifistic Nature Mage
Jessa Taftin (Ellie Bauer) - Mysterious Young Girl
Jayden Frall (Mark Williams) - Warrior Adventurer
Harvis Tolmayne (Pete Johnson) - Merchant/Tomb Robber

Japrian 23rd, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

This session marked the start of a new DragonQuest RPG campaign with my Friday night group. Since Peter had never played the game before (the others having done so back in April or so of 2016) and since the gamers hadn't played the game in several years, I thought it appropriate to start at the beginning. The players (with the exception of Kathy, as usual) wanted a good chunk of sample combats on the tactical combat grid, so I figured out how to handle things, made a couple of notes to myself, and then got started with the usual. The players began with an introduction to the world of the DragonQuest Roleplaying Game, and I gave them a briefing on the part of the game world they'd be playing in, and answered any questions they had about their characters. I proceeded to give the players the basics of the mechanics of the game system, gave them a bit of a lesson on the DragonQuest Glossary and some terms used in the game, and then we got down to the main event - the sample combats.

I started the players off with one-on-one skirmishes between the player characters, then after several quick combats, pitted the group against each other as a whole. They were pretty entertained by this, and Pete told me and the others that he really liked this combat system but that it would take him time to figure out good tactics. The others laughed, and Kathy said, "Yep, and we're all still working on that, after all these years!" Lovely, witty gaming moment that I've missed. From there, it was time for a group of fights one-on-one between the player characters and goblins. Angela's Harria finally got in some practice with magic. Then it was time for the group to deal with something tougher - orcs! Started with several one-on-one fights with orcs, all five player characters engaging with the orcs simultaneously. Angela's Harria got some serious quarterstaff work in, and realized that she was pretty good with a staff for a mage. LOL! Finally, the last couple of skirmishes saw the player characters take on the orcs once more, this time in a forest setting. These two final skirmishes were a lot of fun, and Angela had her Nature Mage hang back so she could cast some spells, using the woodland setting as her weapon. She was quite effective during the second attempt at this, getting her feet wet with the spells in the first skirmish. Overall, the players took part in enough samples of combat (and died several times, of course) using the Tactical Display and learned the basic combat mechanics of this traditional, old school fantasy roleplaying game. And how deadly the combat system is.

Overall, this intro session of the DragonQuest RPG campaign went pretty well, given that I was rusty with both the system and gaming in general. I don't play games on the computer, and this was the first time I've done any face-to-face gaming in just over a year or so. The players and I took safety precautions, social distancing around the room and wearing masks when congregating at the Tactical Display, and a good time was had by all. The players had a lovely time engaging in visceral activities with the sheer number of fights and skirmishes they engaged in on the Tactical Display. When the session was over, Peter (who had never played DragonQuest before) said that he really liked the simplicity of the D100 system and the dice mechanics, and really liked the "feel" of the combat system. The group is quite looking forward to playing their next session, which will be in two weeks' time.

Here's some photos from last night's combat sessions.

First up, is a grand view picture of the five player characters engaged in one-on-one combat with orcs. The curve for re-learning tactics was definitely there, and it took Peter and his character a bit of time to get the hang of things in these little fights.

In this second photo, The second photo shows part of the action during this same one-on-one fight. Angela's Nature Mage, Harria, is in melee with one of the orcs. She discovered again how good she is with her staff when she had to be. :)

This third photo shows another part of the one-on-one fights. Pete's merchant, Harvis, taking on another orc. The orc tried to get in the character's rear hex, but didn't quite make it. The former soldier killed the orc three (3) Pulses (rounds) later.

This fourth photo shows more of a game situation, with the characters encountering a group of orcs in the forest. The dice are various and assorted trees. The player characters are pretty much holding their own in this one. Notice the dead orc at the top of the photo. :)\

This fifth picture is a slightly different view of the last one. I often find that looking at the Tactical Display grid from a different position shows a lot of stuff one might not notice otherwise. ::subtle hint::

This sixth and final picture focuses in on one of the separate fights in the woods. Mark's Jayden Frall, a very combat-oriented character takes on two orcs in battle. He held them off, inflicting some damage on them and taking one of them down (with several wounds taken himself), long enough for one of his companions to help him out with the other orc.

And that wraps up the post on the opening session of my new Friday night DragonQuest RPG campaign.

Thoughts and comments are always welcome. :)
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