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Doctor Who on Space

Managed to catch the just-over-60 minutes "The Next Doctor" special last night on Space, Canada's science fiction network. This was the Christmas, 2008 Doctor Who special that most of us in Canada were waiting for for some time (even though we've not officially seen the Christmas, 2007 special, "Voyage of the Damned", yet. (Although I have watched this on-line.)

While I'm not going to spoil "The Next Doctor" for anyone who hasn't seen it, I will say that I rather enjoyed the story overall, except for a couple of elements, and abhored the final confrontation between the Doctor and the...big bad. That said, given that the episode aired on Space, rather than the CBC, I have to wonder whether the Canadian science fiction station has acquired the rights to show future episodes of Doctor Who, given the way they have advertised the showing of "The Next Doctor".

Whatever happens, it should be interesting to see what the fate of Doctor Who in Canada, and on which tv network it airs.

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