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RPGaDay2021 in August - August 22nd: Substitute

We continue on today with #RPGaDay2021 in August.

Posting this blog entry on the August subject of the day somewhat later in the day than I usually do, but I spent the morning prepping for and this afternoon gaming with my Sunday group. Better late in the day than not at all, I think. :)

Day 22 - Substitute.

Today's word prompt is a pretty good one, but leaves me blank of mind.

So I'll offer two thoughts on it.

First thought: It can be really interesting to have a new player either join a gaming group for a limited number of sessions, say one or three. The player can either join in to substitute for another player who's absent for one reason or another. This could mean the new player either takes on the absent player's character for those sessions, or creates a character (usually the GM does this if it's at real short notice!) to play for those sessions. This has the neat effect of shaking up the group dynamics while the new player subs in, but can also result in the players seeing a new side to the personality of the absent player's character (though the player may never play it that way once they return to their character) or can see a new character with a new set of skills and abilities, and potentially a new way of looking at things in the game. New perspectives are refreshing to have, but also make the other players somewhat less complacent than they might normally be.

Second thought: Roleplaying games are written with a set of rules and mechanics that, while official and all that stuff, are not set in stone. The Gamesmaster and the players are permitted, nay encouraged, to substitute different rules or add additional rules to the game as they see fit and as they believe suits the game in question. The players and the GM should never be afraid to substitute a different rule or even game system if it makes their roleplaying game experience better. There is no such thing as a "right way" or a universal best system - it's all about what works for your group.

And finally: Gaming is not a substitute for a social life and friends. It is a social activity you do with friends. It's a part of your social life.

'Nuff said. My hands, arms, and shoulders are both hurting, so time to stop typing for the day.

And there you have it, my thoughts on this twenty-second day of #RPGaDay for August, 2021.

Comments, thoughts, questions, etc. are all welcome, of course. :)
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