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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - DragonQuest RPG, Session 0

Yesterday afternoon, Sunday, the Sunday afternoon gaming group came out for the first face-to-face gaming session in over a year, and were quite excited and looking forward to launching a new DragonQuest RPG campaign. Since the game session last night was a Session 0, where the players went over the rules and game mechanics and the like, I've decided not to put it under a cut.

Aaron Aspodel (SteveR) - Former Soldier
Jaina of Tessar (Tammy) - Air Mage and Messenger
Tanar Ranvek (GM NPC) - Hunter/Ranger

Japrian 19th, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

This session marked the start of a new DragonQuest RPG campaign with my Sunday afternoon group. Since the players hadn't played the game since around early 2016, I thought it appropriate to start at the beginning. Both Tammy and spross wanted some experience with sample combats on the tactical combat grid, I figured out how to handle things, made a couple of notes to myself, and then got started with the usual. The players began with an introduction to the world of the DragonQuest Roleplaying Game, and I gave them a briefing on the part of the game world they'd be playing in, and answered any questions they had about their characters. I proceeded to give the players the basics of the mechanics of the game system, gave them a bit of a lesson on the DragonQuest Glossary and some terms used in the game, and then we got down to the main event - the sample combats.

I started the players off with one-on-one skirmishes between the player characters, and the first two skirmishes showed that while Tammy's Air Mage couldn't really fight against a combat-oriented character, she could certainly use her wits to take him on and surprise him from time to time. Then Steve's Aaron fought in a couple of skirmishes against Tanar. The first fight had Steve roll several Grievous Injuries and take out the NPC after four or five Pulses. The second fight between them had Tanar roll two massive Endurance hits and sever Aaron's arm, and ending the fight after three Pulses. Then it was time for goblins. First, Steve and Tammy took on two goblins and handled themselves pretty well, though they weren't able to kill them both. Then the two of them matched up against five goblins. They didn't use very good tactics, and were on the ropes before they surrendered to the goblins. The goblins didn't kill them, but left them with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Finally, Tanar joined them in taking on 6 goblins, and the player characters and the NPC were able to take out the goblins rather easily, Tanar's bow contributing nicely to the slaughter of the creatures. Both players worked on their tactics, Tammy's mage figuring out what spells would and wouldn't work well in combat, and Tammy realized that she had to make sure that Steve's character and Tanar would have to keep her behind them, but also relatively close in case she came under physical attack. Overall, the players took part in enough samples of combat using the Tactical Display and learned the basic combat mechanics of this traditional, old school fantasy roleplaying game. And how deadly the combat system is.

Overall, this intro session of the DragonQuest RPG campaign went pretty well, given that I was still rusty with both the system and gaming in general. I don't play games on the computer, and this was the first time I've done any face-to-face gaming in just over a year or so. The players and I took safety precautions, social distancing around the room and wearing masks when congregating at the Tactical Display, and a good time was had by all. To be honest, I blew the Stun rules in the first couple of combats, as I used the formula (Willpower x 4) or less to determine if the character was able to recover from Stun, rather than the proper formula of (Willpower + current Fatigue) or less. I blame it on the lack of sleep, nerves, and the fact that I'd taken one of the anti-inflammatory tablets and a painkiller an hour before we started gaming. Both Tammy and SteveR seemed to have a good time with the session, and I made sure not to bombard them with info about the game world, keeping it simple and localized to where they'd start the campaign. Both players mentioned that they'd forgotten how much they liked the simple game rules for the system, and are looking forward to playing the game and getting the campaign under way. I'm quite looking forward to starting the first adventure soon.

However, I'm not sure when the Sunday group (does two players count as a group?) will play again. spross is going to be undergoing major surgery some time this week, and so when he'll be able to play again is up in the air right now. Oh, well, one day at a time. :)

And that wraps up the post on the opening session of my new Sunday afternoon DragonQuest RPG campaign.

Thoughts and comments are always welcome. :)
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