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Thoughts, Cold Weather, and HEX

As you can see, another week without posting very much. *sigh*

I can't help but notice that most of my friends here on LJ, with a couple of exceptions, write journal entries every day or couple of days, and I don't. Either nothing interesting is happening to me right now, or else it seems that I just don't have anything to say at the moment. Ah, well, such is life.

Speaking of life, life is... cold. Yes, the weather here in Ottawa is down to single digits, sometimes dipping into the negatives due to the wind chill factor. Combined with the wetness (rain, a bit of sleet, and the first signs of snow yesterday), my bones ache and I'm constantly cold. And that's wearing sweaters and all. Nuts! :( I'm drinking lots of hot (decaf) tea, and am rather enjoying the warmth derived from that, and at night I sleep with blankets on the bed. I have a heating pad which I use to pre-warm the bed, and leave on low until I finish reading and go to sleep. (Remember folks, always turn the heating pad off before you go to sleep!) Nice and warm. Mind you, it's not too bad here at the office, either...

Only thing happening with me at the moment is in terms of the gaming thing. I've got the Friday night group of players playing in Hollow Earth Expedition. They're enjoying the game immensely, and Tom and SteveB have told me they really like the mechanics, and that the game really catches the feel of the 30's Pulp stuff. The Sunday group has just started in on character creation. SteveR and Tammy finished their characters for the Sunday game, except for the background and history stuff which they will have for me next weekend, but Andrew didn't show up at all and didn't call as usual, so he's got no character, and Tammy and SteveR don't want to have watch him create the character next Sunday, so I'll have to try and talk to him during the week. In the meantime, the HEX Play By e-Mail game is finally ready to start play, so things are looking up nicely there. More players for the game are always welcome, so if you want to get involved in the game, just follow the link.

However, the best news by far is that Stef will be back in a week! Yay! :)
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