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Goodbye to the Neon

Well, the time has finally come.

Yesterday, I went and closed the deal to trade in my 1996 iris-coloured Plymouth Neon for a sleek, 2004 silver-hued Chrysler Sebring.

I've had the Neon for a long, long time, and while the car was really a good one at the time and well-behaved, over the last few years, the little fixes and repairs have mounted up, and this winter the car really just couldn't cope, and wouldn't start or when it did, would stall out at the most inconvenient of times.

So the time had finally come to trade the car in for some new, second-hand vehicle. I went out and for a couple of weeks looked around at cars, checked on-line reports on vehicles and vehicle types, and when all was said and done, I found myself coming back to the 2004 Chrysler Sebring that only has about 70,000 kilometres on it, and has a logbook that showed faithful oil changes and servicing every 5,000 or so kilometres and all. The vehicle has been certified and checked out, and I signed the papers, dotted the "i"s, and got a really good deal on the car.

After coming home from work today, the folks from Chrysler came to the house and took away my iris shaded Neon. In some ways, I will sorely miss the vehicle, to be honest, but at the same time, am looking forward to driving the "new" (for me) Sebring. During the test drives, she handles like a dream, and has a smoothness to her that was really nice for me to feel. The car is being given some final tests, a few repairs and alterations that I've requested, and check-up for certain specifics, so should be ready either on Friday or Monday. In the meantime, I will be getting a lift from Donna to work for Thursday and if need be, Friday. And I've been told that I get to give her a lift in the "new" car next week. :)

Oddly enough, this is the largest car I have ever driven, what is called a medium-size car, other than the first car that I drove. I started off driving an old 1968 Valiant (which I guess is a pretty large car compared to some today) when I turned 16 back in...1971 (!!), and then moved on to various Mazdas and the like, before switching to the Neon. Other than the Valiant, I've gone from sub-compact, to compact, and now to medium-sized car.

Looking forward to driving the Sebring. Silver is my colour this year. :)

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