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Friday Night Game Report - DragonQuest RPG, Session 4

Last night, the Friday night gaming group came out to continue their current campaign of the DragonQuest RPG fantasy roleplaying game. You can read about the previous session by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Lorina Foxxe (Kathy) - Thief Adventurer
Harria of Jeresindal (Angela) - Pacifistic Nature Mage
Jessa Taftin (Ellie) - Mysterious Young Girl
Jayden Frall (Mark) - Warrior Adventurer
Harvis Tolmayne (Pete) - Merchant/Tomb Robber

Kedwath 3rd, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

Once inside the ruined structure, the player characters quickly look around to see if there's any danger inside the ruins. The air inside the room is somewhat foul, and very earthy. The interior is cloaked in darkness, and they can just make out vegetation of various types all over the place. Jayden Frall lights a torch, saying it was a good thing that he bought a couple of extra ones before leaving Faversham, and hands it over to Jessa Taftin. The characters find themselves inside what appears to have once been an antechamber of some sort. There are several broken, rotten, vegetation entwined pieces of furniture, a couple of openings where doors might have been, but the walls are coated in plant matter of various types. Lorina Foxxe comments that she can still hear those "cursed dogs" outside, but Harvis Tolmayne says that they're safe for the moment. As the characters relax a little bit, the adrenalin wearing off somewhat, Harria of Jeresindal sees that both Jayden and Harvis have been badly wounded by the dogs.

Taking charge, Harria tells Lorina and Jessa to clean a bit of space for the group on the floor, while she goes and examines the injuries that Jayden and Harvis suffered. Once the area is tidied up somewhat, Harria tells Lorina to keep an eye out for the dogs and any other threats, and goes to treat the two male characters. Using several doses of healing herbs and her Nature Magic spells, Harria treats Jayden's and Harvis's worst injuries, and then proceeds to bind their wounds as best she can. She uses another dose of healing herbs, and manages to bind her own wounds, and then treats the minor injuries suffered by Lorina and Jessa. Lorina tells Harria and the others that the blinking dogs seem to have left the area. The characters decide to rest for a bit, and have a quick snack [which gives them back 1 FT each]. Harvis says that perhaps the group should stay here for the night, but Jayden says that they need to see what else is in this ruined structure before darkness falls if they're going to do that.

Lorina and Jayden check out one of the openings, while Harvis and Jessa check out the second opening, leaving Harria to continue to rest momentarily. Both lead to what were once cloak rooms. Harvis and Jayden disturb what appears to be a fox nest, but return to the antechamber area leaving the animals to settle once more. In their cloak room, Lorina decides to search the place and finds what appears to be a small pouch. [She rolled a 01 on her Perception check.] She lets out a small, gleeful laugh, as opening the pouch she finds several silver coins and a small, red jewel. Jayden shakes his head, but Lorina merely smiles at him and absentmindedly adds the pouch to her leather shoulder pouch. They return to the others. Discussing matters, the five characters conclude that there is no way out of the ruined antechamber, but Lorina searches the main area and eventually finds that one section of wall is totally collapsed, and was likely a door at some point. The player characters set up camp and spend the night in the small antechamber. They have a minor skirmish with some inquisitive foxes during the night, though during his watch in the wee morning hours, Jayden believes that a bear pays a visit to the area.

The morning dawns bright and clear, with a warmth to it that isn't natural for the time of the year. The player characters are feeling much better, most of their bruising and contusion injuries having healed themselves during the night. While Lorina and Harvis make the morning meal and clean up the campsite, giving Harria a bit more time to rest, Jayden and Jessa cautiously emerge from the ruined structure, and the former confirms that there was indeed a bear in the area during the night. Once the player characters are ready to leave, Harria leaves a small portion of her rations for the foxes in the cloak room.

The player characters make their way through the brush, with Harvis leading the way and Jayden keeping an eye out for dangers and the like. Harria's curiosity about the woods gets the better of her and she slows the other characters down somewhat, but Jessa's basic nature comes out, and she gathers some of the herbs that she recognizes. Jayden is pleased to see that she's come out of her shell somewhat, but Harvis is annoyed that the group is moving so slowly. The characters take a rest break mid-morning, and it's clear that Harvis is somewhat worried. He and Jayden confer, and the former tells the warrior-ranger that they are nearing the River Running. They discuss how they intend to cross the river, but Harvis and Jayden agree that it's something that will have to wait until they see the conditions at the river.

As the player characters move deeper into the woods, Jayden tells the others that he believes they are being stalked by wolves. The group stops momentarily to bring to bear any weapons they feel will be useful, and Harvis confirms Jayden's belief. Continuing on, the group becomes a bit more cautious as they emerge into a somewhat hilly region with lots of trees and brush. Almost too late, Jayden shouts a warning [he managed to detect the ambush just in time!] as a large, grey wolf leaps from cover and attacks the nearest character (Harvis). Five other wolves leap from their tall grass cover and attack the player characters!

While not taken completely by surprise due to Jayden's shouted warning, the player characters are somewhat taken aback by the wolves' ferocity and cunning. Lorina defends herself well with her rapier, using her speed and wits to match those of the wolf that attacks her, and is able to dispatch the wolf relatively easily though she does take a nasty bite on the shoulder [for 5 EN damage]. Harria is able to disable the wolf that attacks her, entangling it in some of the vegetation in the area using one of her spells. However, she is attacked by another wolf and is forced to use her quarterstaff, holding off the animal to the best of her ability though she takes a couple of injuries [suffers 3 and 5 FT damage on two attacks]. Jessa fights another of the wolves, her speed being the only factor that keeps her relatively unscathed [she takes 4 FT damage], and reluctantly is forced to kill the wolf. Jayden wields his battle axe effectively, and manages to kill his wolf attacker relatively quickly, taking minor damage [a total of 4 FT damage]. He quickly goes to Harria's defense, and is able to drive the wolf back momentarily, but it whimpers and flees into the woods as soon as it can. Harvis takes a nasty wound [6 EN points of damage] in the first few seconds of his fight, but his wits and sabre make the difference in the fight, and he kills the wolf somewhat bloodthirstily after that with relative ease. As the player characters look around for more attackers, Harria releases the wolf trapped in forest vegetation, and it flees into the forest as well.

In the aftermath of the fight with the wolves, the player character check their injuries and take stock of the situation. Jayden comments that they came off rather lightly, considering how close to being surprised by the wolves' ambush they almost were. Despite her own wounds, Jessa goes and does what she can for Harvis's serious injury, and manages to bind it up and apply a rough poultice using some of the herbs that she had gathered that should help with the healing. Harria apologizes to Lorina for not being able to use her magic to heal her injuries, and does the best she can with her natural abilities. Leaving the three dead wolves' bodies where they are, the player characters move off as Harvis leads the way, still heading for the River Running.

The player characters reach the river by mid-afternoon, and are dismayed to find that it is a swiftly moving river (Harvis makes a bad joke about the river...running) that is quite wide, almost 1/4 of a mile across at this point. They can make out fish in the river, and realize that they must either search for a narrower point on the river or take their chances and cross here. Jayden tells the others that they have a problem: due to his serious dislike of water, he does not know how to swim. The characters discuss their options, and decide that perhaps they'll set up their camp early for the night, and Jayden can go with Jessa and see if they can find a place to cross the river safely. Once this plan is agreed to, the group locates a good spot to make camp, in a copse of woods that offers some shelter and is still near the river itself. Jayden and Jessa set off to the west to see if they can find a place where they can cross the river in safety.

Moving as close to the river as they can, so as not to lose sight of it in the trees, Jayden and Jessa find no signs of the river decreasing in width in this area. Some five miles from the campsite, they do, however, come across what appears to be an ancient bridge likely made of stone, that is completely overgrown with plants and the like. Exercising caution, the two approach the bridge, and from what they can tell are able to determine that the bridge is relatively intact and spans the river. Checking the bridge out a bit more, Jayden spots what appears to be fragments of bone on the bridge. He's not sure what to make of them from this distance, but tells Jessa that they won't check this out now as it's getting late. He does stop occasionally and examines the ground, and finally tells Jessa some sort of aquatic (though river-based) humanoids have frequented the area. He suspects lizard-men, but the prints aren't right for their species, and thinks that perhaps it may have been hobgoblins of some sort. He also notices some much larger prints among the others, and isn't sure what to make of them other then they are also humanoid. Jessa shivers at the thought of that, but Jayden doesn't notice. With the sun lowering in the sky, Jayden says that they need to head back to the camp site as it will be dark soon. The two begin to move back along their trail. [Unknownst to them, they are being watched by a humanoid figure in the trees.]

Back at the camp site, Lorina, Harria, and Harvis clean an area up for where the characters can bed down for the night. Harvis spots what appears to be an old fire pit; while he can't tell how old it is, he says that's a good place to base their camp site at. Harvis finds what appear to be humanoid footprint remains [he rolls a 02 on his Perception check], and while he can't identify them, decides to go and follow them for a short distance. Harvis leaves the two women at the campsite. Lorina and Harria talk, and the two express their mutual dislike for one another. They realize they need to compromise on matters, and Lorina tells her that she will always protect Harria's back as they are "travelling companions" and Harria says that she feels the same way. At least they have that much in common. Harvis follows the tracks some 200 feet, but realizes they are heading for the river itself. He concludes that the tracks are from some sort of aquatic humanoid, but decides not to pursue that avenue and returns to the campsite and the two women.

Jayden and Jessa return to the others just as the sun is setting, managing to find the campsite by the glow of the fire that Harvis has started. Harvis tells the two returned characters what he has learned, and in turn, Jayden tells Harvis and the other two women what he and Jessa have discovered. They agree that crossing the bridge might be the best way across the River Running, and will investigate that option by the light of the next day. Jayden and Jessa join the other two near the fire, and warm themselves up and avail themselves of some of the stew that Lorina has made for the evening meal. As the characters relax by the light and warmth of the fire, they do not realize they are being watched by someone or something in the tree line, something with glowing yellow eyes...

Friday night's session of the DragonQuest RPG scenario was a pretty good one, and had some nice roleplaying and a good sequence of combat with the wolves that tested the player characters somewhat. There were some pretty intense moments and some good roleplaying, my favourite being the confrontation between Kathy's Lorina and Angela's Harria, and Peter injected some humour through several bad puns by his character, Harvis. The players enjoyed the game session, several of them mentioning the almost panicky feel of the fight with the wolves, the cuteness of the foxes that they had to deal with in the ruins, and the Lorina/Harria interaction sequence. Everyone is quite looking forward to the next session of the game, to see what happens at the bridge. hehe

Overall, it was a lovely gaming session with the Friday night group, and I look forward to their next DragonQuest RPG game session in a couple of weeks.
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