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Sunday Gaming Session Cancelled

Today is Sunday.

I was supposed to game face-to-face with the Sunday players today.

That isn't going to happen. One of the two players, spross, has just gone through a five-day period of radiation therapy for cancer after having had surgery on his broken arm, and is too fatigued from the radiation therapy, and decided to take today off ad rest and recuperate somewhat. Not that I can blame him. To be honest, I can't say I'm sorry we're not going to game today, as the cool, gloomy, damp weather is making my still injured left shoulder and my right hand/wrist hurt a good deal today. So, no gaming today.

I'm kind of sad about this as I was looking forward to starting the second adventure for the DragonQuest RPG campaign with the Sunday players today. And gaming face-to-face again would have been nice.

Oh, well.
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