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Friday Night Game Report - DragonQuest RPG, Session 5

Two nights ago (October 15th), the Friday night gaming group came out to continue their current campaign of the DragonQuest RPG fantasy roleplaying game. You can read about the previous session by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Lorina Foxxe (Kathy) - Thief Adventurer
Harria of Jeresindal (Angela) - Pacifistic Nature Mage
Jessa Taftin (Ellie) - Mysterious Young Girl
Jayden Frall (Mark) - Warrior Adventurer
Harvis Tolmayne (Pete) - Merchant/Tomb Robber

Kedwath 4th, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

The player characters finally decide to call it a night, and go to sleep. Lorina Foxxe takes the first watch. Around the third hour of the next day, Jessa Taftin wakes Jayden Frall to tell him that there's something watching the characters from just outside the range of the fire light. Jayden rises, picks up his battle axe, and grabs a branch from the firewood, which he touches to the fire using it as a torch. He moves off to investigate, telling Jessa to stay near the camp. Peering into the night, Jayden moves towards the creature, which he can make out. It's a large humanoid being, covered in long brownish green fur. Jayden perceives it to be ape-like in facial features, but can't really be sure due to the shadows from the torch and the darkness of the forest. The creature regards him with a wary intelligence, and then turns and stalks off through the trees. Jayden considers following the creature, but decides that the environment, the lighting conditions, and his weariness make him see the sense in not doing so. He returns to the campsite and tells Jessa what he saw. The rest of the night passes uneventfully.

The morning dawns, with the indications of a pleasant, summer-like day ahead. Jessa and Jayden tell the others of what happened during the night, and both Harria of Jeresindal and Harvis Tolmayne want to see the area where Jayden saw the creature. Jayden leads the two of them to where he saw the creature, and by the light of day, the three find several large, humanoid prints in the soft ground. Jayden says they can follow the trail if they so choose, but Harvis reminds him that they're on a quest to find the ruins of Hamakkar. In the light, Jayden says the prints are not that of an ape or an animal, but something very close to human; however, by the size of the prints and the indentations in the ground, he estimates that the creature must have been 8 feet tall at least [it was a sasquatch]. Saying that it's just another mystery of the Karsharak and they should leave well enough alone, Harria starts to return to the campsite, and the other two reluctantly follow along.

While packing his supplies up for the day's travel, Jayden decides to take his last torch and loop it through his belt, just in case it might be needed. Once the player characters have readied themselves for travel, Jayden leads the characters off into the woods, the others following close behind, heading for the River Running and the old bridge that he and Jessa had found the day before. As the characters travel into the Forest of Karsharak proper, the going becomes harder and harder, and fatigue sets in for the various characters. At some point, the player characters can hear the sounds of the river ahead of them, and Jessa tells the others that they are getting close to the bridge. Keeping an eye out for danger, Jayden spots what appear to be prints again in the soft earth, the same as those he and Jessa had found near the bridge the day before. He tells the others that he doesn't know what made them, but they're different than those left by the giant humanoid near the camp the night before. Looking at the prints, Harvis says that he doesn't know what made these either, but they're also much deeper than those that Jayden showed him back at the campsite. The player characters continue on, and eventually emerge at the river and see the bridge off to their left.

The bridge appears to be ancient, seemingly made of stone, that is completely overgrown with plants and the like. The player characters move towards the bridge, Lorina deciding to take the lead ("If there is any danger, I'll be able to see it!" she insists). Stepping onto the egress to the bridge, Lorina tells them that it's remarkably solid for a structure of its age, and that it will a tricky crossing due to all the vegetation on the span. Saying that it's at least 1/3 of a mile across, Jayden says that will take them time and leave them somewhat exposed. Harria laughs and says that it won't be a problem; she can help with any vegetation obstacles that get in their way. Jessa, Harria, Harvis and Jayden move forwards, and join Lorina at the bridge proper. Jayden moves up and joins Lorina, and the others fall into a walking order with a little bit of separation. While the water from the river and its speed brings a freshness to the air, both Harria and Lorina comment that there's a faint, underlying scent of...rotting meat...coming from the bridge itself. The others dismiss this as being the rotting of the vegetation found in the area and the marsh-like feel of the area around the bridge, but Harria says that she knows the smell of rotting vegetation, and that's not it. Lorina spots the fragments of bone at various points on the bridge near them, many of which are partially buried in the vegetation, and points these out to the others. As the characters start to make their way across the bridge, having to exercise caution due to some of the dense vegetation on the stone bridge's floor, Lorina shouts that the bones are part of human(oid) remains! As he gets closer, Harvis confirms her fears - some of the skeletal remains are those of humans, and he shows them the tattered, rotted remains of what might have been a set of leather armour. Even as they wonder at this, four creatures appear as if from nowhere, two before them and two at their rear; they stand close to 7 feet tall, are humanoid with long fangs, pointed ears, and pallid grey, hairy skin [these are hobgoblins]; they wear hard leather armour and are armed with long, barb-pointed spears.

The hobgoblins say that this is a troll bridge, and they must hand over all their wealth and weaponry to them in order to cross the bridge. The player characters have no time to ponder where they came from, as in a rage, Jayden and Jessa charge the two hobgoblins in front of the group. This leaves Lorina and Harvis to deal with the two hobgoblins behind the characters, with Harria standing at the mid-way point between the two groups. Jessa's rage at the hobgoblins and her speed and agility fuel her attack against the one that she fights, and while she takes a deep wound [for 6 Endurance points], she is able to dispatch the hobgoblin within four rounds of combat [rolling 3 Grievous Injuries in the process!], killing the creature without mercy. Jayden attacks the other hobgoblin, using his battle axe, and is able to strike it down relatively quickly, though he suffers a couple of minor injuries in the process [he takes a 4 Fatigue and 6 Fatigue pair of strikes from the hobgoblin's spear]. Jayden and Jessa whirl around to see how their friends are doing. Lorina attacks one of the goblins at the rear of the group, her rapier doing minimal damage to the humanoid through its armour, but she persists, and using her speed and wits is able to outmaneuver the creature, inflicting some damage to it, though it is able to hurt her a couple of times [inflicting two wounds of 6 Fatigue and 7 Fatigue points of damage]. Harvis attacks the hobgoblin he faces with his sabre, and is able to take the creature down in four blows, but takes a bad wound [for 7 Endurance damage] in the process. Seeing that her friends are in trouble, Harria attempts to use her magic on some of the vegetation on the bridge to bind the hobgoblins attacking Lorina and Harvis, and successfully does so with unparalleled effect [she gets a triple effect when she rolls for the spell]. The two hobgoblins are suddenly bound tightly by the plant matter! With the fight over, the characters converge on the two hobgoblins that are enveloped in vegetation. However, before the characters can engage the hobgoblins in conversation, the ground shakes violently from a set of echoing footsteps - and a large, green vaguely humanoid well-muscled humanoid with a black head and extremities and thick leathery skin that is some 15 feet tall [yes it's a troll!] emerges from below the bridge and comes up onto the span from the direction the characters came!

The player characters back away from the troll, onto the bridge proper, but Harria stumbles and falls to the wet vegetation and stone [she failed her (AG x 3) test]. The troll lumbers towards the player characters, and they realize that they have no choice but to fight, wounded as they are from the fight with the hobgoblins. The shaken Harria stays down, but uses her magic to wrap some of the bridge vegetation around the troll's legs. However, it easily breaks free of the plant matter. Harvis remembers the old stories of how trolls can be hurt by fire, and Jayden grabs the torch that he slid into his belt earlier that morning, and lights it with his flint & steel. The troll roars its anger, and keeps coming. Giving him time, Lorina lunges for the troll and attacks it with her rapier. She bites deep into the troll's hide [she rolled an Endurance hit], hurting the troll, and manages to dodge out of the way of its retaliatory strike. Jessa moves in on the troll with her short sword, trusting her speed and agility to keep her safe. She lands a blow that does no damage, but the troll swats her aside, and she lands against the downstream wall of the bridge, cracking her head and rendering her unconscious [she suffers 9 EN damage total]. Harvis attacks the troll, and manages to inflict a good amount of damage [he inflicts an Endurance strike as well]. Dabbing some of the fire onto his battle axe, Jayden moves in on the troll, and makes two attacks, one of them slicing off the troll's left arm [he rolled a Grievous Injury to do this]. The trolls screams in pain, and backs off from the player characters. Jayden throws the torch into the vegetation in front of the troll; while it doesn't set most of the plants alight, it does create a solid area of smoke between the troll and the characters. Jayden snatches up Jessa from the ground, and the player characters move as quickly as they can to the far side of the bridge. It is a weary group of characters that reach the far side of the bridge, and Harvis urges them forward, as they need to shelter away from the bridge before the troll comes and tries to follow them.

Once they have made it about half a mile into the dense woods, they player characters stop and assess their condition. The unconscious Jessa is in the worst condition, of course, but the other four characters have not fared much better, though Harria has more of an injured pride than any physical damage. Jayden says they have to move further away from the bridge, deeper into the Karsharak, and reluctantly the others agree. Harvis leads the way, while Harria accompanies Jayden and the injured Jessa. After another half-hour's travel from the bridge, Jayden tells them they have to stop; they're too wounded and fatigued to go on much more for the day. Harvis goes in search of a place to camp for the evening, while the others catch their breath. Harvis returns shortly, telling the others that he found a small copse-like area near a small stream about another mile from their current location. At Lorina's suggestion, Harvis leads them there as quickly as possible.

At the potential campsite, Harria leaves Lorina and Harvis to start setting up the camp while she goes to gather some firewood. She returns to find they've hollowed out a fire pit and have placed some kindling ready for starting the fire. Harria sees Jayden hovering over the still unconscious Jessa, a very worried look on his face. She drops the firewood off near the fire pit, and tells Harvis to go and fetch some more wood. He does so, and she goes over to Jayden and Jessa to check on the young girl. Harria says that she will use some of the the last of her healing herbs (she's got three doses left) to help Jessa and possibly Harvis, and the obviously relieved Jayden tells her that he's grateful to her. The player characters finish setting up their camp, and after a hot meal that provides some refreshment [restoring 2 FT each], decide to rest and recover around the fire somewhat. The various characters then proceed to bind each other's minor wounds as best they can. The player characters are somewhat nervous, and are jumpy at every sound they hear from the forest around them. Harria goes over to the unconscious Jessa, and uses her magic spell and the healing herbs, and the spells effectively work on the young girl [she heals her of 8 and 4 Endurance points respectively]. She uses her last dose of herbs and her magic, and is able to relieve some of Harvis's wound damage as well. [She heals him of 4 points of Endurance as well.] The exhausted Harria tells the others that she can't do much else this night, and collapses to the forest floor near the fire.

While the player characters prepare for the evening's watches, Jayden and Lorina deciding they will take the lion's share of these, although Harvis insists he will take a watch as well, Jayden is relieved when Jessa moans loudly, and opens her eyes. She is still hurting a lot, of course, but most of her wounds are healing nicely, though she's got a wound on her forehead that Harria changes the bandages on. It is Lorina who spots reflective eyes regarding the characters from the forest, and she alerts the others. Jayden says that it is some kind of forest cat...

Friday night's session of the DragonQuest RPG scenario was a pretty good one, and quite intense for the most part. This game session was pretty combat intensive, notably te fight with the hobgoblins followed up by the fight with the troll, and the player characters had a pretty tough time of it. The tactics used by Peter (Harvis) and Mark (Jayden) to allow the player characters to escape the troll and flee to the south side of the river were pretty smart (and they'll get a bonus to their Experience Awards at the end of the adventure). The players told me they had a terrific time in the session, but both Angela and Ellie actually wondered at one point if they were going to escape this one alive and intact. Angela also commented that she knows where some of her Experience Points will go, as her Spell of Healing is getting a real work-out in this adventure! The players joked about possibly recruiting an NPC Healer into their group for the next adventure! Aside from the combat sequences, everyone is quite looking forward to the next session of the game.

Overall, it was a lovely gaming session with the Friday night group, and I look forward to their next DragonQuest RPG game session in a couple of weeks.
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