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Happy Halloween!


Kids running up and down the streets, shouting "Trick or treat!" at the top of their lungs, obedient parents in tow. People dressing up in various costumes, some good some bad. All sorts of Halloween candies, toffee, and caramel apples, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, and so forth. Hollowed out pumpkins in windows lit by a single candle within. Witches, ghoulies, and goblins, oh my.

While the door-to-door trick or treat stuff will be happening today, despite the continued presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, not to mention how you feel about letting the kids go out for this annual candyfest, I do hope that folks have a good time this year on this night. Take some pandemic precautions tonight, and remember to wear masks (haha!) and engage in some social distancing when possible.

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Be safe, treat the kids right tonight, and watch out for all those Donald Trump look-alikes! :)
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