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November Is A New Month

It is a new month. November.

Or Movember, as it's also known, since a lot of men grow moustaches for the month as a means of supporting prostate cancer research (which is near and dear to my heart these days) and the like. (Since I have a moustache already, I guess I can just let it grow a bit longer, right? :) )

Once more, October is a month that I'm glad to see the back of, and I suspect pretty much everyone is. This was a month that saw the COVID-19 pandemic fourth (or is it fifth?) wave in good form, continuing from September, the peoples of the world still being crippled in many ways once more by the coronavirus pandemic, despite the high percentages of vaccination (at least in Canada and parts of the U.S.), not to mention lots of natural disasters and man-made attacks and the like. In some places, hospitals are once more being swamped and overwhelmed.

I've spent much of October sick with the side effects of what seems to be myocarditis, caused by my second COVID-19 vaccine shot. There's also a looming diagnosis of prostate cancer (the more determining tests can't be done until after the myocarditis tests (see below) are finished. Either way, it was a rough month health-wise to be honest, and I'm still down with the myocarditis side effects (fortunately some of the "milder" ones), but it has wreaked havoc on my life for most of the last month. And I seem to be sleeping a lot these days.

I have three doctor appointments for November at the moment, one a phone appointment, but one of these appointments is for a serious cardiac procedure to determine the state of the myocarditis that can be-- never mind, don't want to think about it now. I had my flu shot in the middle of the month (on the 13th of October), the potent shot given that I'm a senior, and was somewhat ill from it for a couple of days, so at least that's done and out of the way.

Hopefully, November will be a month where some of my health issues resolve themselves (or get resolved) and where I can try to get back to something of a sense of normality. And when I say normality, I'm talking for me in the house. The coronavirus pandemic continues as mentioned above. Combined with flu season this year, what with people out and about, it's going to make it very difficult for a lot of people due to the similarity of symptoms between the two. I'm really hoping the government doesn't have to put a new lock-down into effect, though who really wants to go out in winter, other than those winter sport enthusiasts?

Not sure what the month holds in terms of my gaming, as to be perfectly honest, I'm running the DragonQuest RPG game right now on both the Friday and Sunday groups, and am reading the current version of the Fading Suns RPG and am expecting my copies of The Troubleshooters RPG Kickstarter pledge materials some time this week. My health has been interfering with my reading ability these days, and due to my age I don't seem to read as quickly as I used to any more. Still, I'm looking forward to whatever gaming I get to do for the month of November and the rest of the winter.

Speaking of, I'm also hoping that Old Man Winter decides to hold off somewhat in regards to the white stuff. I'd really appreciate that.
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