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Gaming and a Movie VII

The Friday night gaming group met last night, as per usual, to continue play of the SkyRealms of Jorune rpg, and the current scenario that I'm running. As you may remember from this journal entry on the previous game session, SteveB's character, Jordan Kadvers, had died saving his friends. Steve created his new character with me on Thursday evening, and had his new character ready to go for Friday night. (He's made me promise to let him tell you in the comments about his new character, but suffice it to say both Kathy and Nick were somewhat surprised at his choice of occupation.)

In the meantime, the group of characters managed to retrieve some of Jordan's possessions and his challisk, and finally found out what happened to the missing challisk they were hired to find and if possible retrieve. With the aid of SteveB's new character, they were able to fight off a small pack of scragger, had an encounter with someone that they hadn't seen in several years of game time, and discovered a patch of incupods (even if they didn't know how to handle them). There were a couple of funny moments in the session as well, and Joanne is lamenting the fact that she didn't take a couple of specific dyshas that would have been useful to the characters last night, but such is the life of a Caji on Jorune... :) The players are rather enjoying the scenario so far, and have said that it's been their favourite scenario of Jorune of all-time.

After the gaming session was over, the players watched another film noir. I gave them a choice of three films, and they decided to watch The Street With No Name (1948). Since I reviewed the film in this journal entry, I don't have to comment on it all that much here. They liked the film, despite feeling that it was like a "J. Edgar Hoover 'Crime Doesn't Pay' movie" (Kathy's comment, which was of course somewhat true), and felt that Mark Stevens was completely overshadowed by Richard Widmark and his performance.

Overall a good night of gaming. :)
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