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HEX Scenario for CanGames

As noted in a recent post, I have altered the games that I am running at CanGames 2009 somewhat. While I will still be running the Desolation game as noted, I will be running the following game in place of the SkyRealms of Jorune, if the schedule gets updated properly.

Cross of the Wulf
Game: Hollow Earth Expedition RPG
Number of Players: 6
Friday 7-11 pm
Saturday 7-11 pm
Description: When an academic known to your characters is killed in a bizarre and grisly fashion, you take it upon yourselves to find out why he died. Will you dare the perils of Iceland and a cult that is related somehow to ancient Norse mythology? And what role do the Nazis play in all this?

Rather looking forward to this, to be honest, and should be an interesting ride, to say the least. :)
Tags: cangames, hollow earth expedition, rpg, rpg hut

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